Here at StickTwiddlers, we’re always open to receiving pitches from those looking to contribute to the site. If you’re interested in contributing, please read below to find out more about what kind of content we’re looking for:

Feature Contributors

We are always looking for new Features Contributors who are able to produce create interesting and provocative/emotive content that will spark discussion and encourage community sharing. Whether it’s a one-off feature or if you’d like to contribute regularly, we’re always happy to hear from you.

Feature articles we’re interested in include:

  • Previews
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Retrospectives
  • Lists

To see some some examples, check out our Features category.

Essential skills:

  • Have an active interest in video games and the gaming community
  • Possess excellent literary skills
  • Be able to produce content of a high quality
  • Have a good knowledge of at least this generation of gaming. The more you know, the better!
  • Not be an agency offering us £20 to publish a pre-written article about beds (this happens)

If you’re interested in pitching a contribution, please send an email to with a brief pitch and some examples of your work.


Unfortunately at this time, we cannot pay contributors simply because we can’t. StickTwiddlers does not make a profit and the little money we receive from ad revenue goes to server and hosting costs.

We will however do our best to help our regular contributors get access to press events (Scotland doesn’t get much PR love), interview opportunities, review copies and additional assets that may otherwise be unavailable to them.

As soon as we reach a point where we can start paying contributors for their submissions, we absolutely will.

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