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Al Teader

Alan Teader

Co-Owner, High Warlord of Media & Podcaster

Bio: Retro collector. Does things with video games, events and videos. Normally together.

Gamertag: nagginggnat
Steam: grumpycarrot
Twitter: @Grumpycarrot

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Ben Cordell

Ben Cordell

Co-Owner, Editor-in-Chief & Podcaster

Bio: Bearded lover of point and click adventure games.

Gamertag: BenjamazingUK
PSN: BenjamazingUK
Steam: BenjamazingUK
Twitter: @BenMeetsWorld

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Jamies McLellan

Jamie McLellan

Deputy Editor & Podcaster

Bio: Achievement Punter. Hates squirrels. ‘Ironic Tommy Cooper’. Partial to cake.

Gamertag: AlVimh
Steam: AlVimh
Twitter: @al_vimh

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Sarah Dyer

Sarah Dyer


Bio: Likes tattoos, make up, heavy metal & unicorns

Twitter: @pikapies

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Cryss Leonhart

Cryss Leonhart

Features Writer

Bio: Avid video gamer, freelance journalist, community manager and aspiring editor.

Twitter: @CryssLeonhart

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Features Writer

Bio: Fine coffee and metal music lover.

Twitter: @That_Mike_Smith

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