Streams, Beams And The Stuff Of Dreams

We’ve decided to get back to doing something we really love and that you all seem to enjoy, too.
Yup, we’re streaming again.

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STate Of The Nation 20/10/16

Welcome, Twiddler fans, to another STate Of The Nation address. We’ve got a few changes and announcements in store for you this week, so let’s crack on!


Faction Friday: Ministry Of Darkness

Alan, Sarah and Jamie discuss what may be arguably one of the greatest factions in WWE history, the Ministry of Darkness.


STate Of The Nation 30/9/16

In this occasional series, we’ll be throwing open the doors of Sticktwiddlers HQ and screaming “WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE” while frantically shredding paperwork out back.


This week Alan, Sarah and Jamie take a look back at Raven’s Flock / The Flock / Raven’s Nest / That’s So Raven / Raven And The Ravenettes / Meet The Flockers or whatever the hell else they were called.

It’s Saturday night and you head out for a few drinks. You wind up in a nightclub and obviously, you feel the sudden urge to conga. One minute you’re having fun, dodging the dancing pigs but then on route to the next bar, OH NO! ALIENS! On the off chance that this isn’t something that’s  [ Read More ]


After almost 6 years of gaming news, reviews and “random” shenanigans, it’s time for Ben to say goodbye.

This is not the logo. This is shit.

Is Hulk Hogan a ninja? Will they ever recover Stevie Ray? Who the hell is J.J Dillon? Lets have fun finding out together as Alan and Jamie discuss War Games!


You’re probably wondering where we’ve been. You’re most likely sitting up at night, listening to old podcasts, breathing deeply of that sweater we left at your house to try and find a last, lingering trace of our scent.


We’ve arisen from our slumber to give you the skinny on a brand new Gaming Deal Of The Week in the form of a collection of Sega titles including Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit and whole bundle of classics from the Sega Megadrive catalogue. The games have been  [ Read More ]

blood bowl bundle banner

Our Gaming Deal Of The Week is the Blood Bowl Franchise Bundle which brings together Blood Bowl 2 and Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition at an utter bargain.

bob's game banner

Over a year and a half later, Bob’s Game creator Robert Pelloni has released a new update about the status of the game that he has spent over a decade and $10,000 of backers money trying to bring to fruition.

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