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Alan, Sarah and Jamie discuss what may be arguably one of the greatest factions in WWE history, the Ministry of Darkness.

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Al and Jamie get gory as we dive into the weird world of First Blood matches

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In the latest episode of Faction Friday, we’re discussing The Oddities, a late nineties WWF stable which pretty much summed up late nineties WWF.

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Let’s put everything on a pole! It’s time for episode two of Stipulation Sunday.


This week Alan, Sarah and Jamie take a look back at Raven’s Flock / The Flock / Raven’s Nest / That’s So Raven / Raven And The Ravenettes / Meet The Flockers or whatever the hell else they were called.

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This is not the logo. This is shit.

Is Hulk Hogan a ninja? Will they ever recover Stevie Ray? Who the hell is J.J Dillon? Lets have fun finding out together as Alan and Jamie discuss War Games!

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The whole gang are back to talk about what happened at Gamescom 2015, Ben getting schooled by a 3-year-old and to mourn Destiny’s loss of The Dinklage.

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Alan, Ben and Jamie talk about the past, present and future of modding as well as how much you can sell a body for on the black market.

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