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sticktwiddlers twitch live stream highlights banner

A collection of highlights from this weeks StickTwiddlers Live Streams, including Hallowstream 2014, Civilization V Fight Night and a special bonus clip.

alan vs the snes robocop vs the terminator banner

It’s Alan Vs The SNES Vs RoboCop Vs The Terminator in this four-way bullshit battle royale which ultimately blames Alex Murphy for ballsing everything up.

alan vs the snes revolution x banner

Alan joins Aerosmith in rail shooter Revolution X where he plays the role of a gun-toting Aerosmith fan with a passion for genocide and Power Rangers.

alan vs the snes cliffhanger banner

Alan fills the boots of sad Sylvester Stallone as he punches and kicks his way through an army of Steven Seagal clones in Cliffhanger.

alan vs the snes aladdin banner

Alan plays Aladdin and gets a bit mixed up about which songs are from which Disney movie.

alan vs the snes the adventures of kid kleets banner

Alan plays The Adventures Of Kid Kleets/Soccer Kid as he terrorises the streets of East London as a young football hooligan off his nut on PCP.

alan vs the snes american gladiators banner

Alan challenges the American Gladiators to “smell his stick” as he dodges balls and tries to take Jet up the Eliminator to victory.

alan vs the snes the adventures of rocky and bullwinkle and friends banner

Alan ponders on the plural of “moose” as he headbutts his way through The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.

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