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We’ve decided to get back to doing something we really love and that you all seem to enjoy, too.
Yup, we’re streaming again.

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Welcome, Twiddler fans, to another STate Of The Nation address. We’ve got a few changes and announcements in store for you this week, so let’s crack on!

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In this occasional series, we’ll be throwing open the doors of Sticktwiddlers HQ and screaming “WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE” while frantically shredding paperwork out back.

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We are introduced to our protagonist, John, as he is born amidst heavy explosions and the occasional fall of plaster dust…

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You’re probably wondering where we’ve been. You’re most likely sitting up at night, listening to old podcasts, breathing deeply of that sweater we left at your house to try and find a last, lingering trace of our scent.

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bob's game banner

Over a year and a half later, Bob’s Game creator Robert Pelloni has released a new update about the status of the game that he has spent over a decade and $10,000 of backers money trying to bring to fruition.

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sticktwiddlers mia

You may have noticed that the StickTwiddlers team have been fairly absent recently. Here’s the reason why.

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sticktwiddlers live at the festival arcade 2015 banner

Here are the details for StickTwiddlers LIVE at The Festival Arcade 2015, featuring video games, music, quizzes and a live edition of Stickmare.

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