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Recovering World of Warcraft addict Al sums up his entire relapse experience and the overall end game in the last in this series of RPGlapse.

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Al and GrumpyBear check out World of Warcraft Cataclysm’s Mount Hyjal before venturing on to Deepholm and revisiting some old raids to see what’s changed.

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Al and Grumpybear march on to Northrend where they explore the changes and improvements made to the World of Warcraft guild system.

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Looks pretty intresting. But looks can be deceiving

In this edition of RPGlapse, Al is less than impressed with the Outland and fails miserably at World of Warcraft PvP.

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In this edition of RPGlapse, Al discusses the woes of levelling in World of Warcraft and reflects on his relationship with Maxmillian of Northshire.

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wow party

Al goes dungeon raiding and gets laughed at by the World of Warcraft community that he feels has lost its spirit.

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jack skellington

Al finishes his first month of his World of Warcraft relapse and turns his attention on just what the hell Blizzard have done to the talent trees.

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Al and Grumpybear investigate the changes that have happened in Ogrimmar and how the auction house prices are too damn high!

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