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In this weeks Bargain Raiders Al turns spaceship captain in FTL: Faster Than Light as he and his crew dodge “cock rockets and space bastards”.

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Bargain Raiders returns in video format as Al takes a look at Draw A Stickman Epic, a game which apparently involves drawing lots of genitalia.


Normally, when looking for games which cost less then a chicken kofte from ‘Kababylon’, my local fast food emporium, I would never consider the dark and seedy world of DLC. However, when firing up one of my favourite XBLA arcade titles, Defense Grid, earlier this week, I noticed a new DLC pack entitled ‘You Monster’  [ Read More ]

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Back in 2006, you could have walked into your local Burger King and picked yourself up a brand new copy of Sneak King, the worlds creepiest video game.

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I’d love to admit that all the bargain basement games we feature are in great condition. Sadly, however, this is not always the case. When paying as little as possible for a title, it’s pretty normal to sometimes end up with a something slightly worse for wear. But, for the frugal gamer, these ‘well loved’  [ Read More ]

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I like to think of myself as a gamer who has played some of the most confusing, horrible and downright strange games in the 22 years that I’ve been playing them. That was, until, I popped A-TRAIN HX HIGH DEFINITION 720P into my Xbox 360. I mean, I’m no stranger to simulation games. I’ve sunk  [ Read More ]

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Alan trades raiding bargains to raiding dungeons in this weeks Bargain Raiders.

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This week Alan takes a suggestion from Community Twiddler, SlaptArze, and heads to the arcade.

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