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StickTwiddlers is a gaming news, reviews and previews blog that also put out a weekly hour long podcast of mostly comprehensible ramblings about video games, the industry and the occasional RPG adventure under the banner of Stickmare. Think of us as the Empire Records of gaming news and reviews sites.

In addition to gaming news and reviews, StickTwiddlers have run several successful gaming related events, including the hugely popular official Eurogamer Expo After Party which we have run with Eurogamer since 2011. Previous sponsors for our events have included Capcom, NCSOFT, Carbine Studios, Wildstar and OnLive. We’re also incredibly dedicated to fundraising for our favourite charity, SpecialEffect, who we donate all the profits of our events too – having successfully raised well over £6,000 to date.

Our other achievements include several holding Guinness World Records for marathon gaming, which we’re currently planning on reclaiming in 2014 along with several new ones.

Our team is made up of the cream of the weird and wonderful gaming addicts from around the world who have an intense passion for gaming and the community that surrounds it. Each one of them is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, reviews and random shenanigans from the gaming world and helping develop StickTwiddlers unique and fantastic community.

StickTwiddlers came about after a group of friends on Twitter, with a background in video game writing, came together to combine their unique skills and talents with their united passion for gaming to create something awesome. That ‘something awesome’ is StickTwiddlers.

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