Hello folks!

Now, we know we’ve been a bit quiet of late. Sorry, we know you miss us when we’re not around but put down the creepy doll made of our discarded hair and rejoice, because we’ve got news.

We’re still working on our podcast and video schedules and we’re pulling together some ideas for future written series too, but in the meantime we’ve decided to get back to doing something we really love and that you all seem to enjoy, too. Yup, we’re streaming again.

This isn’t exactly news, we’ve been back to streaming for a couple of weeks. Thing is, we’re not sure you’ve all realised that we’re live three nights a week. Maybe you have realised and just don’t care, which is fine, but if you’re hankerin’ for an ST fix we’d hate for you to miss out so we thought we’d nail down our schedule for you all so know what to expect and when to expect it.


Nope. We’ve decided to embrace the new-fangled and we’re switching to Beam. We’re quite excited at the prospect of trying something new and the community seems great, plus we can make regular Star Trek transporter jokes. Alan is also fairly in love with the setup, so we figured why the hell not. Switching to Beam should give us the opportunity to make more of our streams and that’s got to be a good thing, right? Right or wrong, we’ll be live on Beam every Monday, Thursday and Saturday from approximately 9pm.


We kick things off each week with our Minecraft survival run. We started this on Monday 16th 2017 and so far we’ve built a house in a cliff, we’ve discovered the Bay Of Rabbits, we battered a wizard called Geoff and we’ve said a sad goodbye to Kris the Cow. Confused? You’ll need to tune in to find out what the hell we’re talking about. Meanwhile, enjoy this brilliant piece of fan art we got sent after one of the early sessions!

16231100_10154509862053318_1323132845_o (1)


On Thursdays, it’s all about the gamerscore. It’s no secret that Alan gets the shakes if he doesn’t pull at least 100g a day and Jamie has always “enjoyed” putting himself through hell for a bloop (check out his Achievement Punter series, which might just be making a comeback very soon…) so we decided that Thursday nights would be dedicated to achievements.

This week, we’re headed to Star Wars: Battlefront. We played and enjoyed the beta but barely touched the full game. Alan’s pulled a few points but Jamie hasn’t been anywhere near it, so we’ll fire it up and see what we can do. Nothing reduces us to a pile of nonsense faster than achievement hunting, so come and watch that whole mess happen.


In all honesty, we’ve got a bloody cheek calling it Super Saturday. There’s nothing particularly super about it. In fact, there’s nothing particular about our Saturday streams at all. What I mean to say is, Saturday is anything goes. We’ll play whatever with whoever and see what happens.

So that’s our plan. Each stream session will last around two hours, roughly, although that will largely depend on how much fun we’re having. We have a tendency to lose track of time when we’re murdering Ewoks, or whatever it is you do in Battlefront. Alan and Jamie will always be there, barring emergency or natural disaster, plus we’ll often be joined by some of our pals.

Bear with us while we get ourselves up to scratch folks, but do please tune in! You’ll find us here. Tell your friends, tweet, post on Facebook, all that fun stuff. We live to entertain.

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