STate Of The Nation 30/9/16

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Welcome, loyal readers/viewers/listeners/people who googled Sticktwiddlers thinking it was porn, to our first STate Of The Nation address.

In this occasional series, we’ll be throwing open the doors of Sticktwiddlers HQ and screaming “WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE” while frantically shredding paperwork out back. This is how we’ll be keeping you up to date on all the latest happenings behind the scenes regarding just what it is we do with our days.



First and foremost, the Sticktwiddlers flagship podcast, the one that started it all. We’ve not forgotten it, don’t worry. As I write this, we’re about two weeks away from releasing the first episode of Sticktwiddlers: Season Two and by god it’s going to be good. I hope. I have no idea because as is fairly standard when it comes to the Sticktwiddlers podcast, no-one except Alan has any idea what’s going on, but it always worked for us in the past and i’m confident that Al’s got something wondrous hidden up the sleeve of his wizard’s robes. He mentioned a quiz…


Of course, we’ve added a few strings to our bow and now we have our two new wrestling themed podcast series, Stipulation Sunday and Faction Friday. As we have already said when we announced the release of these series, they are very much in their infant stages. Jamie has taken over editing duties for these and is still nailing down exactly what works and what doesn’t, plus we’re not only returning to podcasting after a fairly lengthy hiatus, but we’re coming back and dramatically increasing our workload. This means things aren’t quite as polished as we’d like them, but we’re working on that.

To that end, we’ve decided to move to an alternating, fortnightly schedule for these two series. Due to some technical issues (Jamie’s laptop threw a tantrum and had to be put on a timeout), the next episode of Faction Friday will be going live next Friday, the 7th of October. That means the next episode of Stipulation Sunday will land on Sunday the 16th of October. That’s our Elimination Chamber episode, we’re pretty damn excited about that one!

Apologies for the delay, I know you’re all drooling in anticipation of new podcasts but trust me, it will be worth the wait.
You’ll also be seeing a few tweaks to the podcast intros, but that’s under wraps for now so you’ll just need to listen out for it.


Three podcasts isn’t enough for you? Fine. We’ve actually got plans for other podcast series which will be announced at a later date. Video games, film and TV, wrestling, we have a wide range of interests between us and unless you haven’t already noticed, we love blethering, so expect more ST podcasts before too long. More on that when we’ve got the details nailed down.


It’s not all audio, of course. We’re currently working on a couple of regular Youtube series, plus some one offs and occasional videos. We can’t wait to share more information with you but for now you’ll have to make do with knowing that we’re filming things, we think they’re good, they’ll be available for your eyes as soon as possible.


As if this constant assault on your eyes and ears were not enough, we thought we’d provide a little light reading, too. The written word is kind of falling by the wayside in the age of Youtube and Soundcloud, but we still have a fondness for scribbling and so we’ll be working very hard to bring you the kind of written content on which ST was founded.


Now for the bit that no-one likes. For us to bring you our award nominated (we will never stop flogging that particular dead horse) podcast, plus new podcast series, plus video content, plus written content, plus god-only-knows-what-new-idea-Alan-will-have-tomorrow, we could use a couple of quid. To that end, we’ve set up our Patreon. We know, we’ve already told you about this, but we thought we’d run it by you again. We’re not doing tiered rewards, we don’t think you should get more out of us because you happen to have more money. Everyone who chucks into the ST pot will have access to absolutely everything that we make, whether you give us a one pound or a thousand. If you don’t pay up, well you’ll still get access to almost everything. We figured, as a thank you to those who are able to throw us a penny or two, we’ll record an occasional extra podcast, we’ll knock up a special video once in a while, we’ll do something to say “Hey, thanks for the cash.”

Don’t be sad, though, you won’t miss out on much. I mean, sure those extra videos and podcasts will be bloody amazing, but so will all the content that you get for free, so that’s not too bad. If you can’t support us financially and believe me, we totally understand that it’s not an option for a lot of people, then you can support us in other ways. Tell your friends. Put out a tweet, share a post, paint our web address on the side of a barn, whatever.


We do all of this because we enjoy it. That’s the main thing. We love recording and writing and filming for you folks and we love to hear what you think of what we do. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or abusive, hateful tirades, send them to

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