The House Of Wolves DLC has come to Destiny at long last and eager to slip back into my Warlock robes, I’ve been poking and prodding around the new social area, Vestian Outpost, in search of ghosts. After all, who doesn’t love collecting the smashed remnants of sentient AI floaty-bots?

I’ve discovered three of the little blighters rattling around the outpost and the video below will show you exactly where to find them, as well as highlighting my incredible editing skills and soothing speaking voice. Eat your heart out, Michael Bay.

For those of you who don’t fancy watching my impeccable video editing skills, here’s a quick breakdown of where to find the three ghosts in the Vestian Outpost:

1. On the awning in the area occupied by Variks
destiny house of wolves ghost awning

2. On a suspended girder off the bridge opposite the door that leads to the Queen
destiny house of wolves ghost girder

3. In a hanging net near Brother Vance, Disciple Of Osiris
destiny house of wolves ghost netting

So, there you have it. Did I miss any ghosts? Is there anything else you’d like to see me doing? Within reason, of course. Why not leave us a comment or drop us a tweet to let us know what you think?

LEGAL DEPARTMENT NOTE: Our long suffering lawyers would like it to be known that these three ghosts were actually located during a joint search with Jamie’s stalwart companion, Blameless Ninja. In fact, the locating was done by Ninja while Jamie ate a large plate of fish and chips. He did do the video work though, so that’s something.


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