Having recently picked up the awesome Tabletop Simulator, Alan, Ben and Jamie have now become obsessed with Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game – a game filled with arguments, accusations and ultimately betrayal. Here’s how their first play session went.

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To give a very brief introduction to Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, the main mission is for the players to successfully complete eight jumps in order to reach their final destination. However, one player (or more) is a traitorous scumbag playing as the Cylon whose job it is to make sure they fail. The big problem is that nobody knows who the Cylon is.

At the beginning of the game, each player has to pick a character to play as, with two titles up for grabs; the President and the Admiral. Jamie, opting for a pilot specialist, and Alan going for the Admiral in charge of the nukes, left Ben to take on the role of the President, whose policies immediately came under question.

After taking a hell of a beating and already starting to lose resources, the tension was mounting and relationships were already beginning to come under strain. And this was only after the first five turns! Things only got worse when Jamie picked up a Crisis Card that if failed would mean sending either Ben or Alan to the brig.

Once Alan had successfully guilt tripped his way out of the brig in his following turn, Jamie decided it was time to put his piloting skills to use and help get rid of some of the attacking Cylon fleet. Being a StickTwiddler though typically means that thing don’t quite go according to plan.

Things got heated between Alan and Ben when a Skill Check involving only them reveals only one card that could help (and for some reason a random extra card). It seems that the Cylon had made an error in judgement and may have indadvertedly revealed themselves a little earlier than planned. Time to go on the defensive!

Barely holding the Battlestar Galactica together, and with a fresh Cylon fleet ready to attack, the team faced a Crisis Card that could easily end their mission and give victory to the evil Cylons. It seemed like now was as good a time as any for the traitor to reveal themselves…

In short, we absolutely fell in love with Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, and have already played another session which left both Alan and Jamie completely emotionally and mentally broken (Jamie actually refused to talk for an entire thirty minutes). We’re dying to get some additional players in to make things more interesting, so make sure you drop us a line if you pick up a copy of Tabletop Simulator!

For those that are interested, you can watch the full game of us playing Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game in this highlight on our Twitch channel.

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