Welcome to this week’s edition of In Other News, a weekly round-up of some of the interesting reviews and features from a handful of our favourite fellow independent game sites. This week we take a look at the characters revealed for Hyrule Warriors, the voices behind Final Fantasy X, a review of Metrico and the voices behind Final Fantasy X.

The Average Gamer – Hyrule Warriors Characters and Adventure Mode Revealed

The latest Nintendo Direct stream delivered exactly what the fans of the publisher wanted and showcased all the goodness that gamers can expect from Hyrule Warriors, including playable characters and some of games mechanics. I know that Sarah cannot stop going on about this so expect a good ramble in the next episode of the StickTwiddlers Podcast.

Before that babbling nonsense reaches your ears, Debbie from The Average Gamer has done a fantastic job of gorging on the 26 minutes of coverage and picking out the key highlights in this superb breakdown of what fans can expect from the upcoming hack and slash action title coming to Europe and North America next month.

GGS Gamer – Final Fantasy X’s Voice Actresses and Actors

Steven Pilkington from GGS Gamer has been getting re-acquainted with one of the staple instalments in one of the worlds most popular JRPG franchises, Final Fantasy X, to pull back the curtain and reveal the faces behind the voices.

For those who don’t tend to delve this deep into the credits because they’re too keen to get their next game on the go, this piece will finally give you the answer of who to blame for that godawful laughing scene. For publishers, it might serve as a nice reminder that there are other people apart from Troy Baker and Nolan North to hire for their male protagonists.

Expansive DLC – Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris – First Play

There was (mostly) much rejoicing to be had when Square Enix released a fantastic core Tomb Raider game last year and, HD re-release aside, the publishers seem keen to keep that buzz going with the release of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris –

Diogo Migeul from Expansive DLC dived into the new spin-off to see if the game is up to much guff or whether it’s merely filler on the off-chance that everyone just happens to forget about one of gamings most iconic characters until the next core title, Rise of the Tomb Raider, comes out. Hopefully they’ll have picked a better name before its release.

God Is A Geek – Metrico Review

Unlike GIAG reviewer Mikhail Madnani, who has been “looking forward to for Metrico for months”, I honestly had no idea that this game even existed (most likely because it’s a PS Vita exclusive). However judging by his review of the puzzle-platformer, this is definitely a title owners of the Sony handheld should look into.

Personally, it’s simply nice to see a new indie game release that doesn’t have bloody pixellated graphics. Also it’s available free in this month’s PS Plus bundle, and who can really argue with that?

That’s it for this weeks In Other News! If you enjoyed any of the features listed in this weeks edition, don’t forget to check out what other nonsense they publish and maybe even give them a cheeky follow or like on the social medias.

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