The StickTwiddlers summer giveaway marathon continues as we’ve got 20 Nosgoth beta keys up for grabs. “What the hell is a Nosgoth,” I hear some of you say? Well it’s only a bloody new game from Square Enix based on the awesome Legacy of Kain series!

To elaborate a little more, Nosgoth is an upcoming multiplayer PVP game set in the Legacy of Kain universe where humans and vampires go head-to-head in a series of bloody battles to the death. There’s none of that Twilight sparkly bullshit either; these vampires are much more interested in getting into your intestines than into your pants.

One of the unique features of Nosgoth is that both sides have two very different playstyles. Vampires are all about the savagery of close-combat melee and supernatural abilities, whereas humans are focused on ranged weapons and gadgetry. It looks to make some pretty interesting gameplay and will definitely require players to put a lot more thought into how they’re going to come out on top.

Whether you’re a fan of Legacy of Kain or just finding a brand new game that allows you beat the ever-living crap out of your buddies and prove your gaming dominance, Nosgoth is definitely worth checking out. Best of all, it’s going to be free-to-play! There’s none of that “wallet warrior” nonsense as well, and whilst you can purchase Runestones (in-game currency), all the in-game upgrades are at the same level, meaning it’s purely down to your preference of arsenal and skill.

How do I get to play this badassery right freaking now?!

Intrigued? Want in on the closed beta? Well I’ve got some great news for you as we’ve got 20 Nosgoth beta codes to give away to 20 bloodthirsty readers! To be in with a chance of winning, you can enter via the following methods:

Enter via Facebook

Simply ‘Like’ the StickTwiddlers Facebook page and then comment and/or leave a ‘Like’ on the competition post below:

Enter via Twitter

Simply follow StickTwiddlers on Twitter and retweet the competition tweet below:

Enter via the website

Leave us a comment below letting us know which faction you’d side with; Vampires or Humans?

Terms & Conditions Junk

The competition closes at midnight UK time on Sunday 1st June where we will randomly pick 20 winners from the Twitter, Facebook and comment entries who will each win a Nosgoth beta key. For Twitter and Facebook entry, entrants must ‘Like’ or follow our Facebook and/or our Twitter page at the time of drawing in order to be eligible to win. The winner will have 24 hours to respond after being contacted before we redraw and pick another winner.

To find out more about Nosgoth, check out the games official website and keep an eye out for a hands-on preview coming soon to StickTwiddlers.

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