Following the huge success that companies have had selling peripherals for the last generation of consoles, it was inevitable that as soon as both Microsoft and Sony unleashed their latest creations into the gaming world, new third party add-ons would appear. Gioteck is one such company that have released a new series of headphones designed for these new consoles, including the AX1-R headphones, which we were asked to take a look at.

It has to be mentioned from the outset that the AX1-R’s are an entry level headset, being priced at around £16.99 on Amazon so don’t expect 5.1 surround sound or wireless functions here. That being said, the AX1-R certainly doesn’t feel like an entry level unit. The packaging looks and feels like it holds something worth far more than the low price tag it has, and the unit itself is solid and well made without that hollow plastic feel that cheaper headsets can sometimes have.

A nice faux leather cushioning pad helps to finish off the pleasant look of the unit and also adds a great deal of comfort when using the unit for extended periods of time. The ear cups, however, are perhaps not quite as large as we might have liked. It’s not going to be a massive problem to most people, but if you have larger ears then you may find them not fitting as snug as you hope for. Still, it’s just a niggling problem and does not detract from the overall impressive feel of the entire unit.

In terms of sound quality, the 40mm drivers provide some impressive bass which surprisingly does not come at the cost of muffled higher pitch sounds which can sometimes happen. In the games we tested (ACIV, COD Ghosts and Knack) sounds were delivered perfectly and sounded crisp and clear. As the headphone connects to the controller, rather then directly into the console, only stereo is available here but it works exactly as it should do. The microphone is also exceptionally good for the price being paid. Our team mates had no problem hearing everything that we said and background noise was filtered out pretty well. Not 100%, sure, but certainly better then we thought it would be.

We did have two complaints however. One regards the microphone, and the fact that the boom is pretty restrictive in terms of movement. It’s enough to position the mic near your mouth, but not enough to make the headphones reversible, meaning that the mic will always be on the left hand side. Secondly there is no option to control the game volume and the chat volume independently. This means on some titles it can be difficult to hear your friends or team mates. For example, we had to turn the volume down in COD Ghosts quite a bit in order to hear our teammates clearly. Not massive problems, but problems none the less.

Overall though, if you are looking for a new headset for your PS4 on a budget, the Gioteck AX1-R are a perfect example of just how much bang it’s possible to get for not a lot of bucks. Does everything it you would expect, and does it well even if some of the frills other headset might offer are sacrificed.

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Like what you’ve heard and fancy a pair of Gioteck AX1-R yourself? Just like free stuff? The gang over at Gioteck have given us a pair of the Gioteck AX1-R to giveaway to one lucky winner. To be in with a chance of winning, you can enter via the following methods:

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Alan was provided with a pair of the Gioteck AX1-R for this review as well as a pair to give away.


Cool prize! I'm really waiting for ea sports ufc on my ps4


I am looking forward most to Watch Dogs :3


I am lookong forward for infamous second son


Favorite game on PS4 is Dynasty Warriors Extreme Legends, it just adds so much more and Dynasty Warriors is (sort of) historical. Cool visuals, battles and character development.

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