Daedalic Entertainment and Nexus Game Studios have announced a brand new point and click adventure, Randal’s Monday, which is crammed full of the dark humour and geek culture references reminiscent of the classic point and click games of old.

Randal’s Monday follows the exploits of titular character Randal, a sociopat, kleptomaniac and terrible friend, as he attempts to recover his friend Matt’s wedding ring which he sold following a hefty night of drinking – triggering “a fatal curse and a series of devastating events”, including Matt’s suicide. Forced to repeat Monday over and over again, Randal must find the ring in order to break the cycle and stop the impending collapse of the universe.

Developed by the team at Nexus Game Studios, Randal’s Monday takes place over seven chapters in more than 40 fantastic hand-crafted environments with over 50 enigmatic characters to engage with. Also zombies. There’s plenty of geek culture references to enjoy as well, with the gameplay trailer alone providing wonderful nods to The Outer Limits, the Monkey Island series, The X-Files, Sonic, Star Wars and many, many more.

Considering that this is Nexus Game Studios first game out of the gate, it’s certainly looking like a damn fine one to be debuting with. Randal’s Monday looks to bring in all the classic elements of point and click adventures that we love including colourful characters, comedy, pop culture references and some superb dialogue. I’ve always been a sucker for hand-drawn art and the cartoon style suits the tone of the game perfectly.

As the gameplay trailer states, “the golden age of point and click adventures is back”, and the team at Nexus Game Studios are totally right. Much to my enjoyment, high-quality point and click adventure games are making a massive comeback at Randal’s Monday is looking to add to the list of super titles in the revived genre for gamers to enjoy. Keep an eye out for it when it launches later this year.

Randal’s Monday is scheduled for release in Q3 2014 on PC. See more screenshots and videos over on the Randal’s Monday website.

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