Ben, Al Jamie and the now regular Sarah are visited by the ghosts of gaming Christmas past, present and future in this StickTwiddlers Podcast holiday special.

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Show Notes:

00:37 – Ben discusses Jack Daniels fudge, “the future of alcohol”
02:00 – Scary iPad games about drowning babies
03:30 – Why is LEGO so bloody expensive?!
04:35 – The Ghost Of Christmas Past asks the team to discuss their painful gaming Xmas memories
05:56 – PlayStation pains and Adidas Power Soccer 97
09:34 – Street Fighter: Hyper Ultra Championship Watch Edition Alpha
12:05 – Poke-hoarder challenges you to fight
16:55 – Grandpa, we love you… and your Atari 2600
18:40 – My uncle works for Nintendo and the N64 isn’t even out yet!
21:37 – The Ghost Of Christmas Present asks the cast about their memorable gaming moment of 2013
22:30 – LEGO Marvel, “balls out fun”, 8/5
24:19 – WTF is Patonk?!
26:40 – Metal Gear: Off Its Tits
30:31 – Google Maps Auto V
31:37 – Diablo III: The Stages Of Grief
34:56 – The Ghost Of Christmas Future asks the team what they think they’ll be playing in 2023
36:43 – Sarah gets screwed over by MMOs yet again
43:22 – Half-Life 3 announced! (probably not)
45:13 – Jamie, fanboy forever
46:10 – Peripherals. Peripherals everywhere
47:25 – Send in the clowns
51:38 – A quick word from Jeff’s Garage
52:07 – Chipotle Sad Cow Simulator
54:22 – The ongoing Too Human debate
62:10 – Al goes for broke and tries to argue that Super Mario Bros is a good movie
64:46 – It’s competition time!
67:00 – What games are getting us through NYE
69:18 – Sarah gets a semi… regular spot

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