Whilst we’re still waiting for more Star Wars Battlefront 3 news, Disney are looking to revive another fan-favourite Star Wars game with the announcement of Star Wars Attack Squadrons for PC which looks to be a spiritual successor to the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter games.

Now aside from the cinematic trailer and a few screenshots, details about Star Wars Attack Squadrons are fairly scarce, but it does mean that we get to break them down and analyse them like the droid-loving freaks we are in a wonderfully bullet-pointed fashion:

Dogfights consist of 16 players

Well that’s pretty bloody good! It’s not quite Battlefield 4 levels of crazy combat, but it’s certainly enough to make things interesting. There are three play modes on offer; Free For All, Team Dogfight and Base Defense – all of which are pretty self explanatory. You can also create Starfighter Pilots communities to team up with your friends, but it’s currently unknown as to whether there are any additional perks to this aside from causing arguments over who’s going to be Red Five.

You can customise your ships

Rather than just being given a stock X-Wing or TIE Fighter to zip about it, players will be able to upgrade, modify and customise the ships they collect and unlock as they progress through the game – immediately a definite perk. All I’m saying is that they better have some sweet wing decal options and if they do, expect to see 32 crudely drawn penises flying past you and high-velocity, which could be pretty awesome if that’s your thing.

It’s Free-To-Play

Really? Oh… Shit.

The words ‘free-to-play’ in gaming can often be replaced with three other words, ‘pay-to-win’, and for fans of Star Wars and/or the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games, this is going to be an instant concern. Star Wars Attack Squadrons will have players earning points after successful matches which will allow them to unlock new items and upgrades, so it’s fairly safe to assume that there’s going to be a paid option for wallet warriors. Let’s just hope its as well balanced as some of its other F2P PC brethren.

It’s being developed by a new studio

Now following the multi-year deal between Disney and EA over the Star Wars properties, we would imagine that Star Wars Attack Squadrons would be heading to one of these folks. However with DICE busy on Battlefront 3 and BioWare hopefully making a new KOTOR, it seems that Disney decided to give this to a brand new studio, Area 52 Games. The Area 52 Games website is incredibly unhelpful and tells us bugger all except that they need a Senior Producer and Server Engineer. Scary stuff.

So far Star Wars Attack Squadrons doesn’t look as if it’s going to be able to give the iconic X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter games a run for their money, but let’s see where this goes. If you’re interested in seeing what the game has to offer, you can sign up for the closed beta for PC over on the official Star Wars Attack Squadrons website.

What are your thoughts on Star Wars Attack Squadrons? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.

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then  cancelled wtf no more good star wars flight sims aparantly that was a thing from the past. =(  Back then I used to play in tourneys on dial up on MSN gaming zone.  Why are sw flight sims so out of style? Everybody just wants to play CoD and Battlefield now?  Just stupid FPS games like those? STOOOOPID


This ain't xwing vs TIE fighter.  Very sad.....  :-(  See...sad face.

Want to make a s-load of money?  REMAKE XWING VS TIE FIGHTER!!!!!

That really was the greatest game ever made.


I have been hoping and hoping that someone would take the concept of the Multiplayer X-wing vs. tie fighter, and remake it as a free to play with premium in app purchases. That game was so before its time. With HD and bandwidth, memory and procs 100x faster than when the original came out.... I am drooling what could be done.


this looks like a remake of the early 90s pc classic "xwing" with on-line multiplayer... and that's AWESOME! i still own the original 3 1/4 floppy disk for xwing, b-wing (the xwing expansion pack), tie fighter (the more polished and IMO, a better sequel) and the tie fighter expansion with the tie advanced. i've been waiting for the remake for nearly 20 years!


@retsz Yeah same here.  I was playing those games when I was real young back on windows 3.1 I was playing x-wing and as I got older I loved the crap out of Tie Fighter and the xpac defender of the empire with tie defenders woot.  Then XvT and finally XW Alliance.  I really wish we could have an XvT with todays updated graphics but same game play to even include BoP..  Just any of them *begs* please give us a good flight sim!!

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