Sony are offering gamers the opportunity to win a PS4 console with the release of a fantastic new video inspired by the PlayStationMemories Twitter hashtag, titled “For The Players Since 1995″.

Put together by the team at PlayStation Access and inspired by the PlayStationMemories hashtag, the video follows around two decades of Sony PlayStation gaming, from the original PlayStation console all the way up to the soon to be released PS4.

“In terms of the film, each section is representative of the whole era, lots of details even down to the dates on the ticket stubs, the magazines and the electronics help bring this piece to life,” explains SCEE’s UK Digital Community Manager, Hollie Bennett. “As we move into PlayStation 4 – the bike, the clothes and many of the items that haven’t actually been released help us look to the future.”

“When other brands heard what we were doing they were excited to get involved! Dominos gave us boxes from each of the console eras and we received support from a number of key publishers from across the gaming industry, helping us to look back at just a selection of games that many of us will remember playing and enjoying from over the years.”

The attention to detail is truly remarkable. Even the aspect ratio of the video changes at around the 1 minute mark as we leap from the PS to the PS2 era. As someone who grew up with Sony consoles, there’s certainly a lot of nostalgia to be had here!

To win one of the 20 PS4 consoles up for grabs, all you have to do is head over to the For The Players website, watch the film and tell Sony in which order the hidden shapes are shown. Winners will be notified on 2nd December 2013 which does mean that you won’t be getting your console for launch but it’ll certainly make for an awesome Xmas!

What are your PlayStation memories? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #4ThePlayers.

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Ah I figured it out.  I have to enter the date in the  UK format!  Hopefullly it's not UK only, but I could always send it to my broteher's friend in england :P


i got the order but how do i enter it on the website .__. anyone? i've been raping my mouse for hours.. help?

StickTwiddlers moderator

@Darklurkr23 You have to click on the right order in the box to the left of the entry form, then fill in your details.

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