People! I come among you to herald a golden age of gaming! The very latest in entertainment technology is soon to arrive in your living rooms, bringing gaming glory the likes of which you have never seen! Will you join with me in praising this most wondrous of times?

No, of course you won’t, because most of you are too busy attacking each other over your choice of console. Twitter has been a dark, dark place over the last couple of days. “Screw Sony”, “Microsoft? More like…uh…screw Microsoft!” and other such nonsense has filled my timeline and I’ve had enough. I’ve remained neutral, of course, in my eyes everyone is free to make their own choice of console and I’ll think no less of them because of it. Of course, you’ve probably guessed that a “but” is coming and yes it is a big one…

I’m sick of being attacked because I’ve all but decided on an Xbox One. Sure, I can’t defend everything Microsoft have done. In all honesty, Don Mattrick might as well have said “We have something for those without access to internet,” before grabbing his crotch, thrusting at the camera and flipping the bird. Despite that, the reasons for which I’m told that I’m “aN 1deeut!” for opting for the Xbone (quit giggling, you) just don’t sway my opinion. Reasons like…

1) “OMG DA XBONE R SOOOOOO UGLY!!!!!1!!!!One!!!!”

Here is the Xbox One.

Here is the Xbox One in a high wind.

Oh wait, that was the PS4? So sorry. Look, I’m not slating the PS4, I’m happy with the look of both of them. It’s just that I don’t think anyone should be openly mocking me via social media for choosing the “ugly” Xbox One, when the PS4 looks like the Xbox One in italics. Both are black, both have a mixed matte and gloss finish, and both will fit in nicely on your entertainment centre. What else have you got, internet peoples?


The Xbox One and Kinect 2.0 are a lot like Ant and Dec, inseparable. This means that there’s a little camera watching everything you do and OMG! ITZ CAN BE HAXXORED!! The thing is, I spend most of my day in front of a computer. A computer with a webcam. If the “1 in 2 webcams can be hacked” figure currently floating about the net is true, there’s probably someone watching me already. Question is, why would they bloody want to?

Well, there are fears of Microsoft collecting data recorded through Kinect in order to tailor advertising to households, for one thing. Also, we’ve seen rumours of recognition based rights for film and TV, blocking people from watching if the Kinect identifies them as someone who’s not paid for whatever it is you’re trying to view. There have also been weird conspiracy theories about government spies but they won’t catch us because we’re wearing tinfoil pants. That’s right, yeah?

What no-one has mentioned is that Microsoft have addressed these issues. Kinect may be always on, kind of, to allow it to respond instantly. If you want to turn on the Xbox by saying “Xbox On” and feel like a boss, you need an active mic. That’s not to say that you can’t turn everything off if you want to, given that it’s an electrical device and ultimately, even if it’s a case of flicking the switch at the wall, generally speaking such devices come with an on/off switch of some kind. But why go to such extremes when Microsoft have stated (in an interview with Kotaku) that there will be “simple, easy methods to customize privacy settings, provide clear notifications and meaningful privacy choices for how data will be used, stored and shared”.

If Microsoft want to check out what type of cereal I eat in the mornings and then try to sell me some more via dashboard ads, good luck to them. I don’t think there’s that much chance of this coming to pass but if it does, whilst I admit it’s a slightly unsettling thought, I’ll just ignore the ads and maybe switch to toast. Of course, if their reasons are more sinister and they’re just really intent on watching a fat man prance about in the nude to Lady Gaga tunes, they only have to ask. I’m not shy.


Why not? I’m not going to try and defend Microsoft on this one, don’t get me wrong. Yeah, I can see some benefits to the permanent connectivity, such as the hourly updates to EA Sports games, but that doesn’t excuse the massive shafting that this delivers to those who, for whatever reason, don’t have regular broadband access. I have regular broadband access. I’m sorry for those who don’t and I agree one hundred percent that Microsoft need to do something about it that doesn’t involve having Don Mattrick deliver a hearty “fuck thee” to the fans, but it won’t cause me a problem personally.

“…so, to sum up, you’re all wankers. Why are you booing me?!”

Ok, not strictly true. I may move house at some point in the next four or five years and if so, will likely be without broadband for a week, maybe even two. If and when that happens, I won’t be able to game. Then again, I’ll be trying to move an actual shit-ton of boxes into a new house with two children running around under my feet and my wife constantly yelling at me that the couch is “TOO FAR TO THE LEFT, MORON!”.

Past experience may have coloured my idea of the average house move, but either way it will be a temporary issue, some time in the future. When it comes I’ll likely curse Microsoft to hell and back, but I’m willing to put up with that to get in on the ground floor of next-gen gaming.


I believe that means “Oh goodness gracious, the Xbox One certainly costs a pretty penny, wouldn’t you say Jenkins?” or words to that effect. Yes, the price point is higher than expected and a little more than I’m comfortable in shelling out, but given that I’ll most likely be looking at picking up an Xbox One a few months after release, I’ll have time to hope for a price drop, keep an eye out for a sale and generally shop around a bit. Even so, I’ll admit that Microsoft are overcharging a tad on this one. So how can I defend it?

I can’t. But, I’m sick of people screaming at me that it costs too much and I’m an idiot to buy one. Specifically, I’m sick of Sony fanatics giving me a hard time for it. Casting my mind back…

SONY FAN (circa 2006): “Hey, just been out to pick up my PS3!”

ME (circa the same): “Nice! I opted for the Xbox 360. PS3 was way out of my price range.”

SONY FAN: “You get what you pay for dude! Screw the Xbox!”

Fast forward a little…

ME (circa nowish): “Well, I’m off to pick up my Xbox One.”

SONY FAN (also nowish, circa-wise): “Xbox One? You moron! They cost a fortune!”

ME: “So did the PS3 at launch, but you went for it. Each to their own and whatnot.”

SONY FAN: “What? No it didn’t. It was free. Your MUM cost a fortune at launch!”

The Xbox One pricepoint is high, much like the PS3 before it, but buying one doesn’t make you a moron. It just means you’re grudgingly handing over a few extra notes because you’ve decided the pros outweigh the cons.


This is what hell looks like.

Did you not watch the Microsoft conference? Right up until that £429 bit where the Internet went batshit mental, it was awesome. Setting aside the Xbox 360 titles, Microsoft showed off a total of 15 titles during their E3 conference and asides from a brief “SmartGlass is cool, huh”, that’s all they did. Games, games and more games were the order of the night.

The Xbox One is NOT just about TV. Yes, there’s a lot of non-gaming gumph floating around in that box and if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. That’s right people, free will is an actual thing and you can make use of it right there by saying “I’ll play games on my 360 but I’m not too fussed about the telly stuff, thanks”. Bob’s your mother’s brother, you’ve got yourself a console!


No, you don’t. Let me rephrase before I’m beaten to death by the barrage of comments. You don’t have any exclusives that draw me in, personally. It’s no secret that I’m a Halo fanatic so the Xbox will always have that over PlayStation for me, not to mention the Gears Of War franchise and my burgeoning Minecraft addiction.

Sony did show off a wide range of indie titles which will debut exclusively to PS4 and some of them look fantastic, but for those with a time limited exclusivity, that means that some of those titles could come to Xbox in the future. So, Microsoft has exclusives over which I drool excessively, but what does PS4 have to offer me?

Drive Club – In my gaming career I have played three racing games which I have fallen deeply in love with. Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing on the SNES, Burnout Revenge on Xbox 360 and good old Mario Kart 64. Any other racing title that I’ve picked up has been a case of “shiny shiny shiny vroooom damn it crashed again bored now”. So, though Drive Club looks like a fine example of the racing genre, it holds no personal allure for me.

Knack – When they showed this during the PS4 reveal, I had one thought. “Why are you releasing your tech demo and calling it a game?” Turns out that was a bit unfair and having seen the E3 trailer, I’ve got to say Knack is looking pretty damn good. That doesn’t mean I’m desperate to pick up a PS4 to play it. Think of it as a night out on the town with whichever celebrity floats your personal boat. Sure, you’d probably have a lot of fun but it’s not going to happen so why worry about it?

Infamous: Second Son – Having never played the previous Infamous titles, admittedly because they were PS3 exclusive and I’m an Xbox man, the sequel holds no immediate “OH MY GOD MOAR INFAMOUS” attraction for me. I can’t deny what we’ve seen of it has left me with a teensy pang of jealousy for those who’ll get to play it in the future, but again, not enough to make me jump ship.

So, that’s your lot. If that’s swung you over to Sony’s side then more power to you and I wish you nothing but joyous moments and short loading times. Perhaps you could do me the same courtesy?


Oh, shut up. We’re not going to go through this debate all over again. Unsurprisingly an Xbox-style controller for the PS4 has already been manufactured, which you can see in the image above. For me, the PlayStation controllers have always felt small, made my hands cramp and I hate the shoulder buttons. For PlayStation users, no doubt the Xbox controller feels cumbersome and unwieldy. The controller will NEVER make me jump ship and I doubt anyone else would either based on that.


Firstly, no I’m not you asswit. Secondly, you’ve touched upon one of the major reasons that the Xbox One is topping my Christmas list and that’s the fact that other people will be buying it. chiefly, my friends. I’ve a regular, rag tag assembly of gaming buddies and while some may succumb to Sony’s siren song, the majority are most likely going to be sticking with Microsoft.

I’m the pretty one.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Come closer so I can whisper it in your ear… GAMING’S MORE FUN WITH FRIENDS! Oh sorry, tad loud, but the point is made. Some of my happiest gaming moments have been tearing through co-op campaigns with a group of mates or taking a squad out into the wide world of competitive multiplayer, sharing many a giggle as we go.

It’s thanks to gaming with my friends that I now quote Monster’s Inc whenever I take someone out with a sniper rifle, why I regularly tell people to shut up for not saying anything, and why our clan will forever be known as Team Active Camel, for reasons too confusing to name. I don’t expect you to understand any of what I just said because they are the in-jokes and stories which make multiplayer gaming with friends such a massive part of my life and I don’t intend to be screwed out of that because I opted for the “wrong” console.

Anyone who’s leaning towards the PlayStation 4 could easily reel off a list of reasons for siding with Sony and I would nod, smile and say “That’s entirely your choice”. As for me? Right now, I’m pretty certain that I’ll be picking up an Xbox One. Microsoft have done us wrong in many ways but for me, on a personal level, the positive column has more ticks than the negative.

If you’re going for the PlayStation 4, that’s entirely your choice and I wish you well. Maybe I’ll pop round for coffee and a blast on Infamous some time. The point that I’m trying to make and that I’ve been stressing throughout this entire article is that it all comes down to free will. Whether I buy an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4 or a pogo stick to ram up my arse so I can bounce about the house singing the Tigger song, the choice is mine and I shouldn’t have to defend it to anyone.

Will you be buying an Xbox One or a PS4? What do you think about the current state of the console wars? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.

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So you're telling me xbox is more towards gaming with friends when you can't even share games with them?


I'm a playstation fan boy basically but I can tell you now this is all just silly! I focus on my ps3 and my friend focuses on his Xbox 360 yet we go round to each others houses and were automatically loving playing on the other!

"Our controllers are better" ... No one in my friends have ever said this about playstation, the Xbox ones are just much more friendlier to use!

"We have the better games" ... For me the ps4 does have the better games but that's personal preference! The Xbox has more variety and will probably sell more exclusive games off the bat!

"They'll spy on us" ... As for this do any playstation fans like me remember when Sony was hacked and we lost all our personal and bank details... It can happen to anyone! (See Watchdogs for more details) haha ;-)

In the end both consoles will sell millions so all this arguing is pointless and just makes you look like the idiots! I for one can't wait for my preorder of PS4 and I also cannot wait for my friend to bring round his Xbox One when both consoles are out so we can have our annual gaming week where we play on BOTH consoles and LOVE IT!!! :D


There is no universal right and wrong choice when it comes to choosing between the PS4 & Xbone, because it comes down to personal preference / circumstances, one size does not fit all. Both sides have their pro's and con's, but both will provide a next gen console experience. It's far too common at the moment for people to try and force their opinions on others - choose your side, raise your banners, we're off to war! 

However, unlike rampant fanboyism, Competition is a very good thing. People will vote with their wallets, and the "loser" will then be forced to react. Neither company is going stand still regardless of the outcome, and much like this generation the consoles will evolve over their lifespan, this is just round one.

Look at the options, weigh them up, make your choice, be happy! That's what Jamie has done in this article, and I respect his decision. Personally, I'm leaning more towards the PS4 ... but what do I know, I'm primarily a PC gamer. The best news from all of this is the adoption of x86 based processors for both consoles, exclusivity deals aside, it should be easier than the current generation to port between all 3 platforms ... and in that respect, we all win!


Ladies, ladies! I think you're getting hung up on the wrong thing. The general message here is why can't we all get along? The author has no affiliation to Microsoft and has a rather sharp mind and this is a (very) rare example of him trying to make peace with his fellow human beings!


i personally will be getting a Xbox One on launch simply because they have more titles i want to play, as far as the internet requirement, i won't move into a place that i can't get cable or fiber so that makes no difference to me because as my 360, it will be online all the time. 

as far as privacy is concerned i would trust Microsoft to protect my privacy over Sony(the whole Sony BMG rootkit thing is not easily forgotten), and if Microsoft did something to violate that trust, they would be sued right off the map. when i don't want the Kinect watching me, i have a small wooden block that says, "for instant human, just add coffee" that i slide in front and it completely blocks the cameras view, and i plan on doing the same thing with the Xbox One.

who cares what it looks like, the Xbox One will look much better in my entertainment center than my 360, and in the same respect, i think the PS4 also looks better than PS3 as far as matching most TVs and DVRs and the sort, but it really doesn't matter.

Live vs. PSN+, Sony(from what i've seen, i may be wrong) hasn't said crap about the changes to PSN+, while Xbox is talking about how they are rebuilding the matchmaking system and the reputation system to make it easier and better, and how i don't have to sit in a lobby waiting to other players to show up, i can be playing another game or watching a video and just accept a toast notification when there are people in the lobby ready to go and jump straight in without any loading screens. i see Sony as polishing the same online service, while Xbox is trying to build a real next-gen experience with Live. and i've seen other articles talking about what if the Xbox servers go down... seriously? if the 300,000 servers go down it's time to find a shotgun and start hoarding toilet paper because it is the end of the freakin' world, right now the 360 has 15,000 servers and i can only remember a few times Live was down for short periods of time and that was normally because of a new DLC jamming up the servers, Sony not only had millions of accounts stolen from PSN 2 years ago, but was down for a month while they were rebuilding it.

used games, doesn't really bother me, i am pretty selective on what games i buy and has been over a year since i traded one in, the last time i loaned a game to a friend it came back 3 months later with scratches to the point of not reading it, so that is not an issue and i think it is great that i can link 10 accounts to mine and they can play from my library, or i can go to a friends home and sign in to get access to all of my games and saved files.

in the end it comes down to how you are using it and what games you want to play.

and before i end this post, i am not Microsoft fanboy, in fact i hate most of their products and only use Linux (minus my one work laptop using Win7) on my computers, and that i loved the PS1 as much, if not more, than my 360.

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

And for those of you who are delusional enough to think this is some kind of a Console war please wake up smell the coffee. You can come find me on YouTube when PS4 slaughters Xbone on release day 5:1 sales ratio this is not speculations these are facts and thanks to Microsoft i know i'm right. Take care and enjoy your freedom (sarcasm)


#1: It's more the size that's the problem. The GPU in the PS4 has better performance, more RAM, all of the same features except for the HDMI in. Why?
#2: If you mix the always on to the government's passing of bills that have to do with surveilence, the FBI could just tell Microsoft "Give us video feeds and such." and Microsoft would be forced to comply. The danger is how the Kinect can turn on the console and watch you. I want to know how secure it is. Again, it's required for using the Xbox One.
#3: This is pretty obvious. It'll suck to have this freaking check in online thing. I can go into Offline mode in Steam, and that's an online game distributor.
#4: The Xbox 360 had a DVD drive with a $100 addon for hd-dvd, the PS3 had a Bluray drive. Bluray players at the time we in the thousands. YES they got what they paid for. Now you have very similar specs, and yet the Xbox is $100 more.
You also forgot that Xbox Live costs money as well. You might say, Xbox is getting free games too! No, they are getting 2 free games in November. Halo 3, and Assassin's Creed 2. That's nothing compared to the value the PSN+ has and will have. At least I can watch Netflix without needing PSN+
#5: Yes the exclusives are pretty great, just like Nintendo's. But now Sony is raking in lots of 3rd party and indie developers over.
#6: You didn't mention Sony's rich entertainment catalogue. If you want to watch TV, just switch the inputs. 
#7: Controller is simply preference and what you're used to. Play on PC for a while and switch to Xbox, it's going to feel terrible at first. Now switch to PS3, it's going to feel terrible at first, now switch back to PC with the mouse and keyboard and you'll be thrown off again. They all have a different feel.
#8: This is stupid to assume that either console will do great or terrible. It isn't stupid to assume that your game library for the 360 is screwed. At least us PS3 owners know that our games will eventually transfer over with Gaikai. As to how nicely it will work? I guess we'll see.

CockneyCharmer kinda have to give them credit just for being so painfully ignorant of being able to respect the views as others without attempting to belittle, insult and enforce their own view on those of others just because they like to be all shouty shouty

Very good tongue in cheek article with some great points. Will be interesting to see how things settle over the next few months before Next Gen lands in November

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

I have only one question for you... because judging by the way you wrote all this it would seem that you are either mentally challenged as an individual or the obvious you work for Microsoft. So here is the question why would someone who calls himself a gamer buy an inferior console hardware wise #1 as stated so by Microsoft themselves, and #2 support something that might become a trend for gaming in the future? if you buy an Xboxone you support Microsoft's fascist Nazi movement, in which they are telling us not asking but telling as in mandatory ultimatum Do as we say and obey. My question once again after knowing all the negative things and the restrictions why would you buy an Xboxone? i am not saying buy a  PS4 but why would you support what Microsoft is trying to do to gamers worldwide? are you an american 12year old xbox COD gamer?


I agree totally till about half way through;

4) You can also get a PS4 with that cash and serious change (for a ton of doritos mountain dew, wine, fags, rohypnol, whatever floats yer boat) - I agree about the dble standards tho, although my ps3 was £70 off ebay and got it this year lol 

5) For me the focus by MS is definitely on TV, the DDR5 as well as (word has it) user upgradable HDD means that I feel PS4 has the edge when it comes to facilitating game play.

6) Moot for me really launch games are never very exciting i am more looking forward to games like ni no kuni 2 which will be PS4 exclusive. I dont really see any launch games as swaying the argument in eaither case.

7) The controls you've shown will available for PS4 via Reddit.

8)Thankfully my mates have both consoles so i foresee no major problem in that area, especially as most of them (ms fanboys for life) are now lookin at the PS4. Or I can leave the house and go actually see them IRL (shudder...leave the house)

But yeah the proof is in the pudding I expect a LOT to change in how we view these consoles over the next 18 months and I won't be getting either until I see how it all plays out.

GL HF ^^


@xShadow125 Most of my friends will have Xbox One. If I buy PS4, I won't be gaming with them. That's the only point i've made there.


@scrumpy84 It's true, generally speaking I do loathe all of humanity. *chuckle*

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

@profoundWHALE Surveillance has been confirmed by NASA go read up Microsoft refused to comment on it... and they will use Kinetic to stop unauthorized viewers from watching say idk illegal movies? or PPV they did not pay 4? while that's fine by me since i dont watch any of those either way nor would i ever feed Microsofts ego and wallet... that is a violation of human rights and constitution i am not even American and i seem to care more about these things than they do... it's sad really that these people here come and tell me i am a fanboy for trying to explain tot hem that what Microsoft is doing is unfair in so many ways and here are a few... 3RD world countries can't buy Xboxone #1 most wont have internet at all let alone always online... same goes for The Army that's dying out there in the desert for your freedoms and the navy... and that's not all Microsoft is destroying gaming with theses restrictions because 10years from now i know it will become a standard if people don't do something about it now, this isn't about PS4 VS XboxOne this is about US gamers as a whole a community that can never seem to get on the same page not even when their very own existence is being threatened 


@I dontunderstand  The article is about freedom of choice and the need for gamers to stop ragging on each other. I think you may have missed the point somewhat. Ultimately, whatever console I choose is up to me and I shouldn't have to defend my choice, nor should I be berated for it. You're obviously opting for Playstation 4 and more power to you. If I had the money i'd have both. But certain exclusives, my friends being Xbox gamers and various other reasons covered above mean that i'm 99% likely to stay with Xbox. 


@I dontunderstand  really...comparing Microsoft business model for an entertainment device to the Xnophobic genocidal master race Nazi fascism

Yeah, really dont see what right the author has to just put across "his" point of view on this subject at all...silly silly man (Sarcasm)


@ChrissiHues 5) Upgradeable HDD won't happen. Confirmed. Sony makes too much money out of selling you new console versions with bigger drives. Xbox One allows you to plug in any USB drive you want so you could have terabytes of storage.

6) Ni No Kuni 2 is not in development.

7) And the Xbox. What's your point?


BenMeetsWorld moderator

@ChrissiHues As a bit of background, I was a Sony kid up until the PS3 which put me off with it's price and I felt that the X360 suited my gaming habits at the time a lot better. I'll be switching from Xbox 360 to the PS3 when they release later this year.

I think the point Jamie was trying to make in part 4 is geared more towards the double standards of how much the PS3 cost at launch and as to how both communities reacted to that then and now. The conversion price for the Xbox One between US and UK also seems to be way off for some reason!

Point 5, I completely agree with you. MS seem intent on making their console an "entertainment centre" as opposed to a pure games console. Sony have gone the other way. As such, both consoles have been geared to suit each of their audiences best respectively.

Point 7, the dig here is that there is already an Xbox styled controller manufactured for the PS4. This was a popular argument with the Xbox/PS communities back when those clip on triggers for the PS3 were also released :P

For me, the PS4 offers exactly what my current gaming habits need, exactly the same as why I switched from PS to Xbox 360 back in the day. I hold no allegiance to either company and will always buy what I feel is best.

Thanks for your comment :)


Apologies for my rubbish typing. Also to note, had an xbox and 360 knockin on a decade now.

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

@al_vimh @I dontunderstand  XboxOne has no exclusives over PS4 i am not trying to flame you or troll people this is the honest truth... all those games you saw as 'exclusives' are only timebased exclusives go on the developers website please and read for each game. only 2 are exclusive and Titan DR3 and Ryse are to come on PS4....

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

@CockneyCharmer @I dontunderstand  no no you missunderstood me completely this wasn't aimed at the author one bit this was aimed at those who call themselves 'gamers' how can you justify what Microsoft is doing and keep calling yourself a gamer... do you understand what this could mean for the future of gaming if Microsoft goes through with this and everyone else follows? it will be the end of gaming libraries it will be the end of many stores who made a business out of reselling used games, the end of waiting for a games price to drop so you can finally afford it... dude please just think about it if this goes through and it becomes a standard next gen all consoles will follow the same patern and that's it for consoles no1 will want to play anymore people will just go back to Pc's i mean read around man look around 6/10 previous Xbox owners have already ordered a PS4 go on YouTube and see how angry those same decade old loyal Xbox fans are over this... so i ask you again how can you call yourself a gamer if you justify what Microsoft is doing.


@nobjockey @ChrissiHues U R liek totaly right sure I am a gurl and a n00b and have b00bz I know nothing amirite? rolfcopt0r lol

5) where has that been confirmed? 6) Not yet but it WILL happen 7) glad to see i wasn't the only one didn't get the rub in number 7 ;)


@BenMeetsWorld @ChrissiHues Aye, there is definitely a double standard goin on, I did take his point ofc and nodded to it^^ 

Yeah the conversion rate stinks, for both consoles although I'm just glad I don't live in Australia on that score.

7) Oops ofc it is ffs,  brain fart >.<

I think the PS4 seems to suit the majority of gamers (at the moment) and that a totally objective appraisal of both consoles would support that theory, but hey I don't really give a flying one what someone chooses to dish out £429 or £349 on.

 I still reckon pre-ordering could be a mistake this early on, which is why I'm abstaining, I'll be interested to see exactly what 3rd party DRM gets implemented on PS4 as we go further down the line.

 Great article mind.

As for the berating someone receives for stating they're gonna buy an xbox one, it's stupid and infantile and unfortunately, totally expected (see below).


@al_vimh @I dontunderstand  And theres the rub. You dont have to agree with the direction or choices Microsoft have taken for Xbox One, but for those who still want to continue their Xbox experirence into Next Gen...they still can with the Xbox. Some will do it and probably never notice any significant change in that experience.

The Article is about one person's view and choice and using humour to explain that reasoning to others. Right now with passions so high, its the inability of some to be  incapable of accepting someone eles's decision simply because it doesnt follow their own black and white logic to the choice

Such is life, and its a level of Fukwittery that will always be in gaming.


@I dontunderstand  @al_vimh I'm not defending Microsoft. I'm saying that it's not something which will affect me greatly and it doesn't alter the fact that which console I buy is my choice.

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

@al_vimh @I dontunderstand  And this is only being done for 2 reasonsmy friend #1 Greed as always by Microsoft and #2 to prevent Piracy... if you know anything about piracy and how simple it is now you should also know that these restrictions will not stop anyone from piracy all they do is make life miserable for the Xbox owners who just want to play games like they used 2.

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

@al_vimh @I dontunderstand  I don't even care about the Exclusives you and i both know what happens with exclusives nowadays maybe Halo and minecraft will stay Xbox since i bet those are like Microsoft's bread and butter... but my point still remains Restrictions... please explain to me how is it ok to prevent me from sharing a game with my brother overseas in the army... or my cousins or my friends who can't afford to buy the same game as i do.


@I dontunderstand  @al_vimh Again, I covered this above. Halo, Gears Of War and Minecraft are three exclusives which keep me on Xbox. Also, no mention of Ryse of Titanfall coming to PS4 that i'm aware of. Speculation, but nothing confirmed. But that's neither here nor there, as they're not the exclusives to which I was referring. 


@I dontunderstand You have a talent for using over exaggerated comparisons to try and put your point across dont you.

It isnt really that hard to understand, which is kinda ironic, but its your definition of what a real gamer should  do that is more confusing. As well as comparing MS to the Nazi's

I dontunderstand
I dontunderstand

@CockneyCharmer @I dontunderstand  Disagreeing with Microsoft but still using the features you just disagreed with? does that even make sense? that's like saying i disagree with war but i don't mind it as long as i'm not the one dying right?


@I dontunderstand  @CockneyCharmer Your definition of what makes a gamer a "gamer" is narrow minded. If you play games then you are in fact, a gamer.

buying an Xbox One is not totally justifying what MS is doing, some people enjoy the platform and their experience on Xbox LIVE outside of the annoyances that MS have.  For those who can afford it, they may not have an issue with the DRM stylings or the license checking every 24hrs...they will turn it on,  they will play their games, use its media features quite happily..and that is their right. You can disagree with Microsoft and still use the console without having to justify your reasons for doing so or to prove that you are a Real Gamer...whatever that means

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