Unless you’ve been living on the ice planet Hoth for the past while, you’ve probably heard that Disney have acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise. Since doing so, they have laid off the LucasArts team, shut down the in-house studio and sold the exclusive right to produce Star Wars games to EA.

EA have got a few studios at their disposal, including BioWare, DICE and Visceral Games to name a few. So, in a bid to keep things fresh and funky, we’d like to offer up a few suggestions to EA for future titles. You’re welcome, EA.

5) Need For Speeder Bike

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a hell of a lot of fun, with Criterion bringing the balls to the wall, throttle-it-and-hope play of Burnout into the NFS series. Now let’s throw in some speederbikes and maybe a podracer or two! Oh, it’s all ruined.

In fairness, trying to knock up a decent Star Wars racing title is a lot like trying to build IKEA flatpack whilst high as a kite on acid. It sounds like a good laugh and while you’re building it, it’s all pretty colours and good times, but ultimately you’re left with a shoddy bit of kit that’s not fit for purpose and a conviction for Class A possession.

I may have got a bit confused towards the end there but I stand by it. Nevertheless, whizzing about on a speederbike? Good times.

4) Battlefield: Moon of Endor

The Battlefield series offers a realistic and immersive multiplayer combat experience, with glorious graphics, massive customisation and a huge array of weaponry. The Ewoks offers furry midgets wearing what looks a lot like scraps of other furry midgets, with lots of trees and a couple of pointy sticks. Mind you, the theme tune to the cartoon was kind of badass.

Throw the two together and what have you got? I’m not sure, but I think we should kill it before it’s allowed to reproduce. In all seriousness, a multiplayer FPS set in the forest landscape of Endor could be a lot of fun, especially if you get to plow laser rounds into Wicket and his hairy brethren. Inevitably, the same year would see a similar title from the MOH series, titled Medal Of Endor.

3) Cantina Band

Commercial pitch…

LOUD, OBNOXIOUS NARRATOR: “Do you like Star Wars!? Do you like Rock Band!? Well hang on to your socks because we are about to blow them clean off of your feet with all new CANTINA BAND!”

Image of Cantina Band box art spins up to the screen. Fade to bored looking teens listlessly fiddling with assorted household objects.

NARRATOR: “Don’t just sit there listlessly fiddling with assorted household objects! Cantina Band is here!”

Flash of light, bored teens are now smiling and holding slightly dodgy plastic replicas of the instruments from the Cantina scene.

NARRATOR: “Cantina Band comes with a playlist of one song. The Cantina song! Which you can play again and again and again and again! AND AGAIN!”

Commercial end.

Come on, you know you’d play the hell out of that! Doo doo doo dee doo da doo, da na na na na na naaaa na.

2) The Siths

You’re fooling around with your Sims world and you put a rug too close to the fire. Before you know it, the house is ablaze and you’re desperately trying to save your lovingly raised Sims from the flames. But then a tiny part of you wonders what would happen with more rugs, more fire and no doors in the house. We’ve all done it. For those of us…I mean, you…who actually built that death trap, here comes The Siths.

A lot like The Sims, but with more of a focus on evil, The Siths offers realistic world sim options including “Design A Death Star”, the ability to train your Siths in the ways of the dark side and some really delightful decor options, such as lamps made of Jawa skin, Wookie floor rugs and the ever popular Scrapped R-Series Droid Pedal Bins(TM).

1) Darth Space

Having spent a fair amount of time tottering about space stations and with a panache for crushing enemies without having to use a pair of Doc Martens, a Dead Space crossover featuring the Sith Lord himself is a must-have title in the new EA/Star Wars collaboration.

In Darth Space, Vader finds himself on yet another Death Star (will they ever learn) that has been dominated by the re-animated corpses of the thousands of Stormtroopers, officers and kitchen staff that were killed in the previous constructions. He’s even already got a badass suit and mask. If any of these games need to happen, it’s this one.

What EA Star Wars titles would you like to see come out of the new partnership? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.


How about you grow the hell up and give a professional rational opinion on the matter instead of trying to jerk everyone around

StickTwiddlers moderator

@Delta6 Fair enough. If you want the standard list that every gamer wants and writes about, here you go:

1. Battlefront 3, DICE

2. Knights of the Old Republic III, Bioware

3. New Star Wars racer, Criterion

4. New X-Wing/TIE-Fighter title

5. Jedi Knight III, Visceral Games

Bonus: Some sort of Star Wars strategy game.

Happy now?


Jesus idiot will you shut the fuck up about that

I don't want you're stupid inmature bad jokes

You're not funny

You're not cleaver

You look like such a idiot right now


You know what game allows you to mow down ewoks


Lets focus on games that are real and not made up by 12 year olds

You're being way too fruiting to this idiot

StickTwiddlers moderator

@Delta6 Did you ever hit an ewok whilst going full speed on a speeder bike in Battlefront? They don't squish easily. They're ridiculously OP as well.


And yet you don't have the balls to stick by you're argument


@Delta6  I never said I changed my overall opinion. I still think the idea of making any game on this list is complete hogwash. That said, who hasn't thought about murdering Ewoks in cold blood? I'm also  sure there's some quote out there about being flexible in regards to your arguments, but I doubt you're worth looking it up for.


That doesn't make sense you're wife isn't youre mother


And here I was thinking this was a legitimate article and not a poor attempt at humor. "Battlefield: Moon of Endor", seriously? I hope someone punches you in a kidney.

StickTwiddlers moderator

@FMFdocJ I'll have you know that we're deadly serious about this list. In fact, we'd give aforementioned kidney (preferably unpunched) to play Battlefield: Moon of Endor.

The moment you don't find the idea of mowing down a bunch of Ewoks in an AT-AT massively appealing is the day that you've died inside.


@StickTwiddlers @FMFdocJ   Ok, it would be fun to mow down Ewoks, I'll give you that. Also, since it's Mother's day, my wife requested that I not write anything about your kidney....so you're safe.


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