As you well know, I spend most of my days chained to a wooden chair in the StickTwiddlers HQ basement, scrabbling for fishheads and driving myself to tears whilst pursuing hellish achievements, for the amusement of my evil Twiddlin’ overlords. This does not, unsurprisingly, offer me many opportunities to get out and about and pick up new games. Thankfully, the recent Xbox on Demand sale allowed me to grab a few new titles to vary the torture somewhat.

In amongst my bargain buys was Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. I have just one question to ask of my reviewing brethren, why do you bitch? This is a solid title which is great fun to play with friends. Solo, maybe not so much and the competitive multiplayer can be frustrating, but it didn’t deserve the slating it took from the critics. Still, I’m here to punt, not review, so I opted for Outbreak Survivalist, the achievement for game completion on veteran difficulty.

I will point out right now that this is NOT the hardest setting, but I decided a run on Veteran before attempting Professional might be a sensible option. As it turns out, Veteran really isn’t that tricky. Sure, there were one or two choke points but all in all this was a breeze. Until Leon. Yup, ol’ blondey bonce himself.

You see, there will come a time during the final level where you’ll find yourself facing off against hordes of zombies, mostly crimson heads, plus an entire sodding battalion of spec ops, all while Leon watches from above and takes pot shots at you with a sniper rifle. Good freakin’ times.

The aim is to cause a “blood frenzy”, basically shoot the Spec Ops, make them bleed and then in their frenzied rush to get at the finger lickin’ goodness the zombies will crash through the barriers surrounding the soldiers. Then all you have to do is dash through to the ladder, whilst being bitten, clawed, kicked, punched, shot and stabbed. Oh, lest we forget, Leon will be happily plowing rounds into you as you do this. It’s an utter git to get through, but I do have a few hints which might help.

1) You’ll get by with a little help from your friends

Buddy system, for the win! Seriously, this game ten times more fun when you go through with a friend. I was once more gaming alongside my stalwart companion and hetero life-mate, Blameless Ninja. It’s fantastic to have someone out there to revive you, watch your back and laugh like a loon as sixteen crimson heads pop out from beneath a train and rip off the entire back half of your body.

2) Make ’em bleed

You need to get the claret flowing from the Spec Ops and fast. To this end, might I recommend the Handgun HP. It’s accurate, it’s relatively fast and it has a full blood frenzy stat bar. Of course, the gun is only as good as the person firing it so if you couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo, opt for a machine gun and let the lead fly.

3) It Aint Easy Finding Green

Herbs. Herbs. Herbs. You are REALLY going to need the health on this one. One way to ensure a stock is to take out zombies with CQC kills where possible as we noticed they are far more likely to drop items if you do. Besides, there are few things quite so satisfying as stomping a zombie’s face to mush.

There’s not a whole hell of a lot to say other than don’t get dead. Of course, once you’ve made it through this nightmarish orgy of ravenous undead and bloodthirsty government troops, there’s Professional looming on the horizon. I’d offer some tips for THAT, but I’m too scared to go in there. So instead, may I present a list of things I’d rather do than attempt professional anytime soon…

  • French kiss a Licker
  • Spend an hour in the company of Justin Bieber
  • Poke angry dogs whilst wearing a steak flavoured posing pouch
  • Play Too Human
  • Eat my own face
  • Bathe in my own sweat
  • Bathe in YOUR sweat
  • Play Too Human again

That last one may have been a bit much. Anyhoo, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a good game, great to play with friends and has some cheevos which are well worth a punt. Give it a go. Just don’t try Professional, because it is certain to make you cry.

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