This review was a first for me, as it’s the only time I’ve ever had to rush through a review to play the game as it was when it arrived. You see, I’ve been trying out the new Star Wars pinball tables for Pinball FX 2 and I was worried that George Lucas could step in at any moment and completely change the entire layout. Badum-tish.

Cheap shots at Lucas aside, I really have been getting to grips with the latest Pinball FX pack based on the Star Wars franchise. The DLC bundle features three new Star Wars themed tables based on the Clone Wars series, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and one entirely dedicated to everyone’s favourite bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Right from the get go, I was wowed by the design of the tables. All three feature gorgeous artwork and the Boba Fett table in particular looks stunning – being watched over Fett himself in 3D animated form. The layout of each of the tables is also very impressive and the entire experience does, as always, feel true to life. This is the closest you’re going to get to a real pinball table without hitting the arcades or spending a fortune on eBay.

What’s really nice about this pack are the sounds courtesy of the authentic Star Wars music and some excellent voice acting. Hearing Yoda’s befuddled sayings as I frantically clacked away at the flippers on the Clone Wars table is a real treat. Admittedly, there’s only so many snippets of dialogue and after an hour or so of play, it can become a tad repetitive, but the attention to detail is a very nice touch.

On to the most vital point, how does it play? Well, it’s pinball. I’ve said it before when reviewing past table packs – if you like playing pinball, you’ll like this. If you don’t, you won’t. There are no problems with the way the tables work. The balls move as you’d expect them to (no giggling, please) and the flippers flip. There’s not much else to say, is there?

Well, actually, I guess there is. As with previous Pinball FX releases, each table has mini games which are activated by hitting certain areas and scores. In the Star Wars pack these mini games are a lot of fun. Sure, it’s still just a case of playing pinball, but the accompanying animations are a joy to behold. Take for example the Boba Fett table. At one point, I unlocked the mini-game, only to have Darth Vader appear to give Fett his mission personally. As I played, Fett jetpacked about above the table. All of this enhances the experience and makes it a lot of fun.

Summing up, Zen deliver once again and bring Star Wars to your virtual pinball table. Is it a revelatory gaming experience? No. Is it supposed to be? Of course not. It is supposed to be a fun to play, gorgeous looking set of three pinball tables and that is exactly what you’ve got. Love Star Wars? Love pinball? This is most definitely your next download. For anyone else, it’s a good laugh, but it’s probably not going to rock your world.

Score: 4/5

Star Wars Pinball is available now for XBLA, PSN, Mac/Apple App Store, and Google Play

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