Dead Space 3 puts players back into the heavily weighted space boots of protagonist Isaac Clarke as he faces the familiar threat of the Necromorphs and the Unitologists. With a big focus on action, here’s some top hints and tips for surviving the horror to be found in Dead Space 3.

1. Don’t play on Normal difficulty

As we mentioned in our Dead Space 3 review, the game really has shifted the focus from horror to a more action orientated title. For long-term fans of the series, playing on Normal difficulty won’t give you the challenge you crave as the game spits out medikits and resources like they’re going out fashion.

To try and amp up the true panic of the original games, you should definitely play on Hard or Impossible (if you’re an absolute nutjob). The resources are fewer, the enemies are harder and you’ll ultimately have a much better experience.

2. Use a workbench whenever you can

As mentioned above, Dead Space 3 likes to offer up items to fill your inventory at every turn. In addition the game also now features a new weapon crafting system that uses components that you find on your travels.

Visiting a workbench will allow you to dump off these components, as well as stashing away anything important in the universally accessible safe, and free up those slots for more frequently used and precious items – such as ammo, health and stasis packs.

3. Always double tap

If there’s one things Necromorphs like to do in Dead Space 3 (aside from turning your internal organs into external organs), it’s playing possum. No matter how many times you nail that sucker with rounds of ammo, they will often take a swing at you when you go in for that gift-giving boot stomp.

As such, follow the rules of Zombieland and pop an additional round into your enemies head before making the approach. Another good note to follow is to try and use Kinesis on the carcass. If it doesn’t attach, that fella still has some fight left in him.

4. Remember your checkpoints

Save points are now a thing of the past in Dead Space 3 and the game has switched to an autosave system. No longer will you find yourself dragging your broken body to the nearest point to get that save in – an experience that gets ingrained into your brain.

As such, remember where your last checkpoint was if you’re having to quit out mid-session. It will save your inventory but it will start you back at the last autosave spot. This is especially key for those optional side missions.

5. Get a stasis coating on a weapon

Stasis is a wonderful, wonderful thing – allowing you to slow down members of a ravenous oncoming pack of flesh-eating aliens. With the previously mentioned new crafting system, you can add a whole array of awesome attachments to your weapons – one of which being Stasis Coating.

Each shot fired with Stasis Coating will slow down your attacker, giving you more time to line up those critical shots and possibly giving you the space to quickly snap in another clip if you run out of ammo.

6. Keep hold of at least 3 tungsten torque bars

Remember the power nodes from the earlier games that would grant you access to rooms full of tantalising treats? Tungsten torque bars are the new power nodes in Dead Space 3 and like their previous counterpart, are one use only.

You won’t come across many access points to use these until about mid-may through the game but craft them early on. They don’t take up any inventory space and what you find behind those locked doors is always worth the extra effort.

7. How to get the best out of your scavenger bot

Scavenger bots are a great new addition to the series and are fantastic for keeping your resources constantly topped up – meaning you can focus on stomping on necromorphs, boxes and whatever else you fancy sticking your boot to.

To get the best out of your scavenger bot, pull up the radar screen and look out for solid cones on. When you reach the deposit the radar screen will flash and it’s time to get your bot to work! With or without the bot, keep an ear out for beeping as this indicates a resource-rich area.

8. Use The Force, Isaac

As well as being handy for completing puzzles, moving stuff around and checking for Necromorphs who are faking it, Kinesis is an incredibly useful combat asset. You can grab items from the environment to pitch at oncoming enemies as well as throwing back anything that they might throw at you.

This is a great way to keep your ammunition stock up and it also looks and feels totally badass.

9. Collectable Unlocks

There’s a hell of a lot of stuff to gather in Dead Space 3 and you’re probably wondering if it’ll all pay off. Here’s a list of what the collectables unlock:

Optional missions (10) – MK-II Overclocked Frame Set and Hostile Environment Suit
Artefacts (40) – MK-II Overclocked Tip Set, Flight Suit, Circuit sets for each category of artefact
Total logs (71) – MK-II Overclocked Module Set
Audio logs (36) – Comms Circuit Set
Text logs (35) – Research Circuit Set

10. Unlockable modes offer classic experience

There are 5 unlockable game modes in Dead Space 3, each of which offer something unique and special. Four of them can be unlocked by completing the game on any difficulty (which will also unlock Isaac’s classic engineering suit):

New Game Plus – New game on any difficulty with your inventory and resources from previous save. MK-II Overclocked parts and Plus-3 circuits can be found throughout.

Classic – New game on Hard difficulty that only allows classic weapons to be built via blueprints, classic aiming and no co-operative mode.

Pure Survival – New game on Hard difficulty. Enemies won’t drop health or ammo and everything must be crafted at a workbench. Unlocks the MK-II Overclocked parts set and Mega Resources deposit.

Harcore – Yep, this old chestnut. A new game on Hard difficulty where you cannot die. You are able to save but your save will be deleted if you die. Beating it will unlock Retro Mode.

Retro Mode – An odd inclusion as this mode adds a graphics filter that makes the game look like a FMV adventure game.

Bonus tip: How to get unlimited resources

This exploit to get unlimited resources in Chapter 8 has recently been discovered, however I imagine it’ll probably get patched soon.

Make sure you check out Dead Space 3 review to find out what you should expect from the latest game in the series. Got any other tips to share? Leave them in the comments below.


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