After finishing up Northrend last week, it was time to finally get my hands on some of the new content that I had missed out on during my World of Warcraft absence. I had already seen the changes wrought upon the old content during Cataclysm’s ‘Shattering’, but I had yet to venture to any of it’s new zones. All I had to do now was make a choice as to which area I would head to – Mount Hyjal, home of the world tree or Vashj’ir, the underwater kingdom.

At the best of times I hate anything to do with being underwater in World of Warcraft and even though I would be gifted with a nice shiny underwater mount for doing the area, I decided not to bother and headed to Hyjal. To be fair, it’s pretty strange to think that I will finally be questing in Hyjal considering all the videos I watched many, many years ago (in glorious 240p no less) about how to get into a “secret area under construction”, Mount Hyjal…

Upon arriving, it was obvious that a lot of time had been taking trying to make the experience just as good as the new shattered areas in Azeroth. Phased areas are everywhere, and as I progressed though the zone, it began to change around me as I roused various ancient guardians to help push the intruders out of the area. I know this sounds very cringe worthy and vague, but I really don’t want to spoil the storyline for anyone who has not been there yet.

Needless to say the area is huge, and is made to feel even bigger by splitting the zone into distinct questing hubs with a really nice flow to them. Perhaps I’m looking at the zone with a slightly biased opinion, considering that I’ve just spent the last 20 levels going through some of the most boring areas ever, but I have to say that Hyjal quickly became one of my favourite areas. In addition, the levelling process has slowed down somewhat now, allowing me to finish the entire zone before moving on.

Next up on the list was Deepholm. My god, what a journey! Again, I wont spoil it but the journey through the maelstrom and the accompanying cinematics and instanced events are just fantastic. It feels like a storyline in an expansion should, well connected and full of epicness.

Deepholm itself is, once again, very cool. Essentially placing you in the centre of the earth, the area itself is certainly smaller than Hyjal, but no less epic. My enjoyment of the game has suddenly jumped due to the new and shiny things I’m encountering. Fingers crossed, as I journey deeper into Deepholm and push forward the content standard wont change.

One other thing I’ve started is solo raiding. As my levels have increased past the original cap of 60, the gear that I’m collecting is, frankly, insane. Obviously out-leveling and out-gearing the orginal content a fair bit I decided it would be a great idea to revisit the raids that I previously had spent months and months – with 39 other people no less – attempting to beat.

These guys. These bloody guys…

It lasted 20 minutes. 20 minutes until I downed Ragnaros. It was a very, very strange experience but not entirely unenjoyable. As I plowed through the content, it brought back many found memories and even though everything was  a cakewalk it was still fun. As an added bonus, the gear that drops – even though it’s completely useless – can be used for transmogrifing your items.

This process allows you to change the appearance of your gear to another item of gear that you own, so long it is of the same type. It was with immense pride that I managed to change the look of my helm to that of the Might set. SO MUCH AWESOME!

WoW Relapser Summary: Week 9
  • Current Enjoyment Level: 8/10
  • Addiction Level: 8/10

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