After Outland left a rather bad taste in my mouth – not unlike a large bowl of shit flavoured lard – I was looking forward to Northrend and the journey to level 80. While I have done Outland many, many times on various alts, Northrend was something I had only experienced in World of Warcraft twice before. Even if Blizzard have once again decided not to change any of the content, I was pretty sure that it would not be as bad as the previous zones.

Well, it was obvious really. Of course Blizzard have not changed anything with Northrend. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. Overall – and I know I’m probably in the minority here – I prefer the levelling experience and the quest lines in Northrend much more then those given to us in Outland. The areas are much more detailed, and feel less like vast empty spaces and many areas benefit from a process known as ‘phasing.’

Rather then being a term used by star fleet recruits to describe the perverted and obscene initiation techniques, it is a method employed in the World of Warcraft that enables the environment, NPC’s and everything else around to appear and react in different way to everyone else around you, depending on what you have done so far. This is a great way of forwarding your character development and makes the world around you appear much more alive.

While I was speeding through the levels, I got an invite to a guild. Because, you know, I’m awesome. After a brief chat with one of the officers, I signed on the dotted line as it were and found my self a low ranking member of a pretty well established guild.

I was asked to jump onto Ventrilo so I could have a chat with ‘The lads’ and get to know everyone a bit better. It was not long before I was branded as an old duffer, and it was with some satisfaction that I recounted my stories from ‘The Good Old Days’. It was then that I finally noticed that the entire guild system has been tossed out into the trash and rebuilt from the ground up.

Guilds now have levels, much like the individual player. The more a guild progress through content, PvP and other features, the more experience they will gain. As the guild levels up members of the guild get certain perks, such as the ability to purchase many different mounts and gear, mass resurrection spells, cheaper repairs and more. This is a fantastic improvement on the old system, and something they probably should have done age ago. Well played Blizzard.

As before though, I burnt through the levels and reached level 80 after only 2 zones. Granted, I did a fair bit of instance running at the same time but I still feel like a lot of people levelling for the first time are going to miss out on a lot of content. It’s a shame, but I suppose that they have to increase the levelling speed for existing players wanting to level up alts and the like.

Now, however, is an exciting time. I have never seen any of the content past level 80, so my journey to 85 should be an interesting one. Hopefully, the content won’t disappoint. Only time shall tell. Onwards to Hyjal!

WoW Relapser Summary: Week 8
  • Current Enjoyment Level: 6/10
  • Addiction Level: 6/10

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