A gameplay video for The Walking Dead FPS, officially titled The Walking Dead Survival Instinct, has been released and shows just what Activision have to offer to the popular franchise.

The video shows off some of the stealthier gameplay from the first FPS iteration of a The Walking Dead game, following the player through a town with zombies. Weapons available will include a knife, hammer, shotgun and bottles to throw to distract walkers.

I didn’t have high expectations for a Walking Dead first-person shooter and after seeing this initial gameplay video, I feel that my low expectations are justified. Granted we haven’t been given an insight into the story but the game looks to be shaping up to be nothing more than a linear and bland shooter.

It’s unknown whether the gameplay footage displayed is taken from an early build but graphically the game doesn’t live up to the potential we’ve seen in games released over the past year. Activision have also got nostalgic and allowed the player to float up and down ladders, nineties style.

Graphics aren’t everything, but the gameplay doesn’t look much better. Standard brawls with zombies with poor reaction times seem to be the recurring theme in the video and fall far short of the frantic panic that I would want from a game set during a zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is scheduled for release this year on Xbox 360 and PS3, however I’d suggest spending your cash on Telltale Games superb The Walking Dead: The Game instead.

You can find out more about The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and what series creator Robert Kirkman thinks of the game by checking out our previous coverage.

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