It would seem that Bethesda have finally solved their issues with bringing Skyrim DLC to the PS3 and PC as the developers have announced that Dragonborn will be coming to PC and PS3 in “early 2013″.

A post on the Behblog states that the developers are “less than 24 hours away from unleashing Skyrim’s next add-on Dragonborn on Xbox LIVE. It’s one of our most ambitious add-ons ever and we’re excited for everyone to play it.” before commenting that the team are “also happy to announce Dragonborn will be available on PS3 and PC early next year.”

Bethesda have released several Skyrim DLC packs so far, including Dawnguard and Hearthfire, as well as modding tools such as the Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop. They round up the post by informing fans that they’re “still not done – we look forward to sharing more Skyrim news next year!”

The Skyrim PS3 DLC saga looked to finally be coming to a close earlier this month as Bethesda announced with the release of 12 Dragonborn DLC screenshots that they were “close on new Skyrim content for PS3 and PC” via their Twitter. It may have been a long time coming, but at least PS3 players will finally get their additional content.

Skyrim is out now for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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