Irrational Games have unveiled the official box art for Bioshock Infinite, featuring Moscow based cosplayer Anna Moleva as Elizabeth.

Anna, often known as Ormeli, has portrayed various video game characters in the past. Irrational have said that they “were so amazed by her dedication and her resemblance to Elizabeth” that they decided to hire her to bring Elizabeth to life for the back cover of the Infinite box art. The front of the box also features the games protagonist, Booker Dewitt.

Cosplayer Moleva commented in a Q&A that she knew she had to coplay Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth “As soon as I saw her.” She mentioned that as a Bioshock fan she had been keeping an eye on the promotional campaign and when Elizabeth’s design was finalised, she “saw what I think is a remarkable resemblance between us – I as a cosplayer couldn’t just ignore it.”

Anna Moleva’s incredible Elizabeth cosplay made its way into the public eye after she shared the images she initially intended to be private. They quickly started circulating the Internet and Moleva found herself “bombarded with requests to post more photos.” It was then she took the pictures imitating the frames from the gameplay video.

Scanning through some of the online chatter surrounding the box art, little appreciation is being given to Irrational’s inclusion of a fan into the game packaging, nor has any thought been given to the length of time it took Anna to perfect her cosplay look (Moleva stated that “I didn’t rush it, so it took me about a month or two”).

Instead, the majority of gamers seem content to trash the Bioshock Infinite box art for being “generic” and “bland”, with some going so far as to judge the unreleased title based on the artwork alone. Don’t they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Fortunately, Irrational Games announced that they would be asking fans to vote on the Bioshock Infinite alternate cover which will be printed on the reverse of the cover above.

Read the full Q&A with Anna Moleva over on the Irrational Games website. What do you think of the Bioshock Infinite cover? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.

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