One eagle-eyed Battlefield 3 player has spotted a incredibly well hidden shout out to Konami in the form of a Contra easter egg. You’re probably expecting this to be something Konami Code related, however this easter egg is as awesome as it is obscure.

The Battlefield 3 Contra easter egg can be found in the second mission, Operation Swordbreaker. After you make your way off the rooftops and begin to follow the IED wire, you will work your way through an air vent until you come to the location of the IED source. On the table in front of you will see the IED that you are tasked with defusing, as well as the Contra easter egg.

Can you guess what it is? Well take a closer look at the circuit board on the back of the table? Is that the Konami logo printed on it?

This easter egg has been staring us in the face for over a year. The seemingly uninteresting circuit board is in fact a replica of the Super Contra arcade mainboard! You can see the board number, GX775, printed on the mainboard in the game and a quick Google search will confirm that it matches up with the arcade mainboard for retro classic shooter, Super Contra.

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This isn’t the first time Battlefield 3 and Contra have come together to form something awesome. YouTuber Omega52 created a video showcasing Battlefield 3 gameplay footage dubbed with sounds from the NES versions of Contra and Top Gun. The music in the video is from Journey to Silius (Title Screen) and Batman (Stage 4 Part 1).

With this Contra easter egg managing to remain hidden for over a year, you have to wonder what other treats DICE may have hidden in Battlefield 3.

Source: Reddit

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Ed Oscuro
Ed Oscuro

I don't know if anybody will pick up on this - but the actual game has two boards sandwiched together, with spacers inbetween. Haven't played anything BF related since BC2 some years back. Figures the "smarter" combat shooter franchise would respect their classics! Now to come full circle, the next Contra should have a reference to Codename Eagle.

Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali

Nice, BF3 is the most realistic game ever played, OFC if you own a Console that has 8 Year Old hardware then you can never seek realism.

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