Nintendo are charging parents a “one-time, nonrefundable fee” to register a Wii U username for a child in order to “verify that a parent or guardian has provided consent”. The price? $0.50.

According to reports from US Wii U buyers, the one-time transaction request pops up when you attempt to register a Wii U username for a child. Several users have also reported that the card information used doesn’t appear to be stored on the system, or is at least inaccessible from both the minor’s and adults Nintendo Network profiles.

Paying a small, one-off fee for verification isn’t something that we haven’t seen before on sites such as PayPal. However, it does seem odd that Nintendo haven’t included the typical offer of a monetary refund or credit once the account has been verified.

Regardless, Nintendo are set to make some serious bank in time for the New Year with this new age gate verification for the Wii U. That is unless minors lie about their age to bypass age gates, which of course, never happens.

What do you think about Nintendo charging a non-refundable fee to register your kids? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter.

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