Carnegie Mellon University, a global research university with more than 12,000 students, features something a little different on their curriculum with an Introduction To Minecraft class.

The course states that it will “provide an in-depth introduction into how to play Minecraft” and will include basic survival skills as well as “more advanced topics” such as redstone circuitry and optimal farming/mining strategies. All you need to take part is a copy of Minecraft.

Okay, so it’s not an actual course taught by one of the university’s professors, but it is part of their Student Taught Courses, which also include other courses such as “Sneakerology 101″ and “Zombie Survival 101″.

The idea might not be as far fetched as you think with Valve releasing “Learn with Portals”, a website that allows educators to sign up to gain access to an educational version of Portal 2 and the Portal 2 puzzle maker. Your move, Notch.

Source: Reddit

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