343 Industries are honouring the memory of a teen fan by listing his name in a special section of Halo 4 titled “Heroes Never Die.”

Cade Ainsworth, a 16 year old Halo fan from Gluckstadt, Mississipi, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at the age of 14 years old. His mother, Dianna Ainsworth, spoke about how his favourite gaming franchise gave him something to live for and how “It gave him a chance to be the hero and win at something when he had no control over anything in his life”.

When 343 Industries learned about Cade’s illness, they invited him out to the headquarters to spend a day with the team in what his mother called “the best day of his life”. There were also discussions of shipping an advanced copy of the latest instalment to him, however about six months after Cade went into remission, his cancer returned and he tragically passed away on July 12th.

On the news of his passing, 343 once again contacted Cade’s family and informed them that they wanted to honor Cade permanently in his favourite series by listing his name in a special section of Halo 4, titled “Heroes Never Die”.

“He could be just Cade in a video game. He wasn’t sick. Cade wasn’t bald-headed. He was just Cade,” Dianna said. Thanks to the folks at 343, Cade can still be “just Cade in a video game” while his memory also lives on in the parents who still keep his room ready, just in case someone wants to play.

Source: MSNBC

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