It’s the undead content that just won’t die. The cutesy Xbox avatar-based city builder, World of Keflings, is getting it’s own zombie based DLC on the 17th October for 320 MS Points. The “Zombiesaurus” DLC will provide players with an eerie graveyard town plagued by the rampaging Zombiesaurus and filled with monster-esque Keflings.

The oddest thing about this new piece of content? It was only made because of a fortunate accident involving a fan vote to choose between three themes (Candy, Graveyard and Pirate) for what would be the next DLC pack would be.

“Actually, the Zombiesaurus DLC only happened because we took a gamble and lost,” said Brent Fox, Art Director at NinjaBee. “Arranging the contest took a lot longer than we originally planned. We had a team ready to start working right away, so we surveyed our employees to see which they thought would win. Graveyard won in a landslide, so we bet that that’s how the fans would vote and just started working on it. When the contest finally happened Candy won instead of Graveyard so we had to stop all development and switch. Best mistake we made this year.”

The new content tasks players with putting a horde of spooklings to work gathering bones, brimstone and ectoplasm in this macabre, amusing, night-time, graveyard kingdom. You will have to build an eerie graveyard town for Wilhelm the grave keeper, Count Kefula and the other creepy Kefling residents of this chilling graveyard land.

World Of Keflings is out now for Xbox 360.

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