We recently managed to get our hands on with the keenly anticipated Far Cry 3 due for release later this year for a good gaze into this vastly expansive game from Ubisoft. During our preview we didn’t have much time to get to grips with the main story of the game but got a good understanding of how the gameplay handles and an opportunity to try a variety of the games main driving features.

The setting of the tropical island is amazingly vast and offers up a wide open world for the player to roam about in but still offering up guerrilla style militia gun fights at camps dotted around all over the place. The sandbox features a lot of freedom of movement and play styles with a range of vehicles and methods to traverse the island with, from your standard jeeps to hang gliders that can be used to silently drop into an enemy camp. There’s even an option to take zip lines from the high points for a speedy way down.

Our hands on time saw us dropped into the free roaming portion of the game where basic missions were required to expand the map and objectives further. We started off with unscrambling radio masts to reveal the ‘fog of war’ from the map, similar to climbing the tall buildings in Assassin’s Creed to survey the area, and indicated where missions and bases are. This is a surprisingly crucial piece of the game as it unveils the area and gives the player and indication of where to go and what objectives can be met. Whenever one is found it should definitely become a players first port of call if lost.

After unscrambling the mast the area opened up and one quick zip line back to the ground saw us headed to a nearby ledge with a well placed hangglider for us to infiltrate a nearby enemy camp. We then took on the task of capturing a base from a group of soldiers to use for fast travel which will make it easier to travel around the island without the gruelling option of running everywhere.

Another interesting gameplay element is that after taking control of a camp, the base will get attacked by the local militia forces to try and take it back. Although this feature could have been triggered due to the previous group sounding the alarm as we chose the non-stealthy option to taking over the camp.

As for the weapons the usual Far Cry mercenary arsenal is available to us, but we only scraped the edge of what we could use from handguns to the good old AK-47. For those who love to camp from high points, the sniper rifle is going to be your best friend and those who favour some close quarters chaos, there’s a beefy shotgun to quickly clear up opposing forces. However silent sneak-up takedowns from behind are also effective, and often due to enemy numbers, are encouraged as a way of thinning out the numbers.

Whilst our demo was short, the open world freedom really stood out and felt like we could take the game on at our own pace. From what we can see Far Cry 3 is looking like it is going to be a huge and visually impressive game and we’re looking forward to finding out how the story is going to drive it forward and keep us glued to our controllers.

Far Cry 3 is due out November 30th in the UK and December 4th in the US for all major platforms.


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