Kalypso Media have announced that they will be releasing Tropico 4 Gold Edition on November 13th 2012 for PC and XBLA. The Gold Edition brings together the award-winning city-builder Tropico 4 and its equally beloved expansion, Tropico 4: Modern Times.

The Tropico games are essentially a construction and management sim where you play as the customisable dictator, El Presidente. Tropico 4: Gold Edition comprises of two extensive campaigns consisting of more than 30 unique missions including the new “Modern Times” campaign as well as a Sandbox Mode with map and scenario editors for custom games.

As the president of a tiny Caribbean island, it’s up to you to lead your country to greatness. Will you be a benevolent and tolerant leader, or a power-mad dictator? Will your economy rely on tourism, farming, big business or cheap sweatshops? The decisions you make will shape the future of your island, and more importantly, the size of your off-shore bank account.

Tropico 4 Gold Edition is scheduled for release on November 13th for PC and XBLA.

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