TigerFace Games have just released their fantastic two-player iPad game, Equator – a title that requires players to join forces to balance the globe…and there’s hats!

Equator is set on a tiny planet inhabited by North and South, two marshmallow looking type fellas who must work together to balance the planet and keep the seasons turning. Two players will team up on a single tablet to create calculations with the same answer as that of the other player to keep the world going around.

The best part of this game is the hats. Yes, Equator has HATS! The more complex you make your sum, the higher score you get and the more leaves you earn to buy those sweet, sweet hats. Mexican sombrero with a moustache, top hat and monocle, pirate hats – this game has them all!

The title is primarily aimed at promoting collaborative learning between kids 5 and up, but we had an absolute blast playing it at this years Edinburgh Interactive. The game encourages communication through active discussion of tactics and even swapping numbers between sides of the Globe and let me tell you, there was a lot of communicating going on.

If you have an iPad you MUST check out TigerFace Game’s Equator which is currently 30% off during its launch week over on the App Store.

Equator is out now for iPad.

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