Following this mornings Gamescom announcement of Capcom’s brand new IP, Remember Me, the team have released a video of seven minutes of gameplay footage.

The gameplay footage focuses on Memory Remix an “innovative new gameplay mechanic” that allows players to use Nilin’s powers and alter parts of people’s memories in real-time gameplay. This will change characters’ complete perspective on their self-image and the people around them, which can have grave consequences for the world in 2084.

In addition to the new trailer, developers Dontnod and Capcom have released ten stunning screenshots of 2084 Neo Paris, a fantastic environment that Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame helped craft, as well as an insight into some of the gameplay mechanics and combat.

Remember Me certainly has a great visual style and looks to feature some incredibly interesting gameplay mechanics. We’re marking this title down as one to watch.

Remember Me will be released on PS3, X360 and PC in May 2013.

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