With the release of Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD less than a week away, fans who were looking forward to reliving the glory days of duking it out split screen style will be disappointed as the feature will not be included.

In an interview with Josh Tsui, CEO of Robomodo, the developers behind Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD, he revealed that the team had bailed on one of the series’ most popular features in favour of online play.

“That was a tough decision for the team. Given the limited scope of the game we had to make some choices on what goes into game. Split screen was talked about heavily but in the end we had to really look at the way people play nowadays which is more online. Having both split screen and online would have sacrificed a lot of time and quality to work in the amount of time that we had.”

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fans are likely to have fond memories of spending countless hours playing one the game’s three multiplayer modes – Trick Attack, Horse and Graffiti, which tasked you with racking up more points than your opponent by tagging an object by tricking on, off or over it.

Local multiplayer and co-op has taken a back seat over the last few years in favour of online multiplayer. While this makes sense for some titles, it seems completely detrimental to take away a well-loved element in an HD re-release.

We can’t help but feel that the lack of local split screen will hurt the titles sales when it launches on July 18th.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is scheduled for release July 18th on Xbox 360.

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