EVO 2012 saw the release of some gameplay footage for Injustice: Gods Among Us, the very promising DC fighter game, that included a little hint at one of our all-time favourite villains, The Joker.

During the second section of the fight between Batman and Solomon Grundy in what looks to be Metropolis, sat in the background at around 12mins 21seconds is a Joker LEGO head.

We don’t know exactly what the easter egg means, and sadly judging from the position of the head, you can’t use it to put on top of someone, Dead Rising style.

It does offer the question however of what else will be in the game? I was expecting to see Two-Face’s giant coin from “World’s Finest Comics” 30, however the Bat-Cave looked pretty empty. We did only see part of it, but it seems odd that they would leave out iconic things like that from the Bat-Cave, but include a Joker LEGO head in a different stage.

It could be nothing more than a nod and a thank you to Traveller’s Tale Games, as they do tend to know a lot about DC, going as far to feature Captain Boomerang, a Flash enemy, in the new LEGO Batman game. A bonus LEGO Joker fighter would certainly be a treat, though.

We are currently asking for information on this from Warner Brothers Games and NetherRealm.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is scheduled for a 2013 release.

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