The next time someone tells you that games are a waste of money, just direct them to this article and explain that your collection of consoles is a serious investment, as Jean-Baptiste Haflinger of Paris has just sold a massive retro collection on eBay for just over $1 million.

This incredible collection features 22 fullsets, including every Nintendo home system and title from the Famicom up to Gamecube (including the eye-watering Virtual Boy), and every single SEGA system and title ever released.

All told, this gamers Holy Grail adds up to around 20 consoles and easily over five thousand titles, all mint condition and some factory sealed. A fantastic buy for some lucky, rich gaming fanatic.

I wonder if he’ll give me a couple thousand for my Amiga 500…

You can see the images and a full list of titles in the collection over on eBay.

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