Today it has come to light that Sony may well be working on a super slim PS3 model, of which could possibly be revealed at this years Gamescom.

A very dedicated gamer posted a link to the Federal Communications Commission which seems to showcase everything from test results, to a letter authorizing certain people to use the new PS3 4000 series model.

The document also has some quite worrying statements: “The public disclosure of above documents might be harmful to our company and would give competitor an unfair advantage in the market.” This does however refer to documents we can’t access, but Nintendo have always done this. If this is what we suspect, and just another slim console, but even smaller, then it’s not exactly ground breaking.

Eurogamer asked Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida if Sony would make a super slim PS3, and he replied “Never say never” However, Sony have now refused to comment to anyone on the matter.

With Gamescom around the corner, it’s likely we’ll hear something there. Fans are itching for a new console, but a real new console. Gamers are ready for the next gen.

More on this story as it develops.

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