In a shocking turn of events for those of us who are awaiting news on Half-Life 2: Episode 3, a huge collection of concept art has been released and evidence appears to point to its legitimacy.

The 32 images below were submitted by an “anonymous visitor” to, a Valve news site, and whilst there was initial speculation, comments from two official Valve forum moderators appear to clarified that the images are legitimate.

Moderator Smash commented on a thread regarding the art that “this is official art, and I’m shocked that this day has come!”. He also claims to know who the source of the submitted artwork is. Another moderator, Sierra Oscar, also commented numerously on the legitimacy of the artwork, stating that fans should “keep in mind it is only concept art – but what has been posted are not fake.”.

Indicators that the 2008 concept art is related to the long-awaited episode are Alyx is wearing Eli’s jacket, crashed helicopter in an Arctic location, art featuring Xen, the Combine Advisors in Xen.

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More on this story as it develops.

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