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A host of new Black Ops 2 info came from E3, with Treyarch taking the stage to show off the campaign mission, “Project P.O.T.U.S”. This section of the campaign takes place in a wartorn Los Angeles as it comes under attack by rogue drones. Air Force one is down and David Mason must save the President and get him to the shelter, codenamed “Prom Night”. Check it out below.

The ever popular “drive jeep, wreck jeep, groggy” section appears; apparently a mainstay of first person shooters these days. From there on in, things become a little more varied.

We see Mason take control of truck mounted turret, locking on to airborne targets and blasting them out of the sky. Done with that, he heads out on foot, nearly being crushed by a falling plane as he goes.

When he reaches the end of a broken bridge, we see one of the most interesting features of Black Ops 2 as Mason is offered a choice, rappel down the side and engage the enemy, or stay up top and snipe them from afar. Branching storylines will change up the gameplay as you go, offering much more replay value and a varied gaming experience.

During the demo, they choose the sniping option to showcase the epic Sniper Storm rifle. This sniper rifle is equipped with an X-Ray scope to spot targets through cover. Once you’ve got your target, the powerful rifle will shoot straight through said cover to take them out.

Fans of the Call Of Duty series are sure to be chomping at the bit for this one, but it may also win round some of the naysayers who complain about a lack of variance in the titles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is scheduled for release on November 13th 2012 for X360, PS3 and PC.

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