Another kick to the teeth for fans of Kingdom Of Amalur as it has now been suggested that a sequel was in the works, prior to the closure of Big Huge Games last week. Sources have told Joystiq that Kingdoms Of Amalur 2 was in pre-production and that Big Huge Games were in talks with a publisher.

An anonymous source has said “We had a good base to work from, and it was going to be all about improving everything, we listened carefully to fans and critics and were going to implement everything we possibly could.”.

Elements being tested were improved graphics, improved and expanded combat animations, the removal of between zone loading screens, fewer branching quests and an overall greater effect overall on the game world by players.

There is little hope now that the sequel will ever go into development. The rights to the intellectual property still belong to 38 Studios but will likely pass to the state of Rhode Island. Sources close to Rhode Island have suggested that the state’s asking price for the release of assets is simply too high.

With such uncertainty surrounding the studios future, we probably won’t be seeing Kingdoms Of Amalur 2. However, if Big Huge Games were to be saved somehow they could apply what they have been working on to a future title, much as they did when bought out by 38 Studios from THQ.

At that time, they converted their “Ascendent” RPG to fit into the Amalur world. We’re sure that fellow fans of Kingdoms will doubtlessly be hoping for something similar in this case.

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning is out now for X360, PS3 and PC.

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