A post over on Reddit has put a spotlight on a concept video for a survival horror game with a difference. This difference being that the game adapts to the players personal fears.

The video, created with Unity 3D and Adobe After Effects, is titled Sound Of Silence, shows that the game observes player actions such as the routes they choose, strategies they choose and answers to specific questions in order to make the game as personally terrifying as possible.

The example in the video is based around a player that has an intense fear of darkness and loneliness and as such, places the player in a dark environment on their own with no explanation given in order for the user to react naturally to the situation. The dynamic nature of the game would deliver a unique experience to each player.

Since the video came into the spotlight, the creator, Michael Chiniquy, has been inundated with emails from prospective programmers to help make this concept a reality. The creator has stated that he wishes to put a focus on puzzles, exploration, and ‘the occassional panic attack’ instead of a combat heavy scenario.

With survival horror titles becoming less scary and a lot more combat intensive over the past few years, this title is sure to be a welcome addition to the genre and we’re sure it would prove massively popular amongst fans of the genre.

For more information, check out www.michaelchiniquy.com.

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