Normally, when looking for games which cost less then a chicken kofte from ‘Kababylon’, my local fast food emporium, I would never consider the dark and seedy world of DLC. However, when firing up one of my favourite XBLA arcade titles, Defense Grid, earlier this week, I noticed a new DLC pack entitled ‘You Monster’ and, belive it or not, brings the world of Portal to this classic tower defense game for a bargain price of 400MSP or £4.00 on Steam. More GLaDOS for a cheap ass price? Count me in!

At it’s core, Defence Grid is a tower defence game. The principal of the game is simple enough. Place different types of towers across the board, and hope that their different ability’s and weapons are enough to destroy the waves upon waves of chav-like alien robots before they steal your ‘cores’ and escape the map, presumably to meet up with some mates before doing donughts in the local Asda carpark. The ‘You Monster’ DLC keeps this base mechanic the same, but adds a new storyline, new modes, new level designs – based on test chambers, obviously – and, of course, a huge dose of GLaDOS herself.

The stand alone Defense Grid package is probably one of the finest examples of a tower defence game ever created, but the additional modes and maps offered in this DLC pushes it from ‘great’ to ‘greatest’. As an added bonus, and in an effort to add even more playability to the title (if that’s even possible, with the core gaming offering ten’s of hours of gameplay as you try to perfect each map) the new modes that come with ‘You Monster’ are also available for all the vanilla maps. Cashback!

‘You Monster’ also ramps the difficulty up to eleven. I thought I was pretty tasty at the game, but it took me hours to get through just the first mission of this expansion. Also, the fact that GLaDOS herself is bit of a twat dosent help matters either. In the later levels she wont just be satisfied at mocking you, she will actively interfere with your game, even going so far as to sell your towers at the worst possible moment. But, as is the norm with GLaDOS, it’s a pure love/hate relationship and as annoying as she can be, it really does add a lot to the game.

Graphics are about as good as you could want from a title such as this, and the sound is functional if not stand out, but none of that matters. This game is all about the playability and it has it in droves. Appealing to both puzzle gamers and portal fans alike, it’s hard to get much more game for this little.

Interestingly Hidden Path Entertainment, the company behind this title, have also been contracted by Valve to develop the anticipated Counter Strike: Global Offensive title. Could we be seeing an acquisition soon?

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Tony Sibley
Tony Sibley

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