Whilst the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection was released on the PS3 and X360 last November in the US and the UK in February, it still has one console to hit; the PS Vita.

Konami has now announced that we shall be enjoying some portable Snake action at the end of June. The portable edition of the collection shall contain Metal Gear 1 & 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, with Peace Walker not featuring as part of the collection, unlike its PS3 and 360 counterparts.

This portable versionwill also activate the Transfarring system for the PS3 versions. Using Transfarring you will be able to send the save data between the Vita and PS3 version, so if you’ve made progress whilst on the go, then you can reload that same save on its big screened brother and continue from where you left of.

Whilst this is the second portable outing for Metal Gear Solid 3, the first being on the 3DS earlier this year, the Vita version shows to be a lot deeper with some gorgeously rendered graphics on the Vita’s OLED screen.

If you’ve always wanted to traverse the jungle dressed as a wall whilst travelling on a train, then the Vita version will offer full 60fps gameplay and blades of grass so sharp you’ll think you could cut your eye on them whilst crawling through.

Metal Gear Solid Collection will be arriving on the PS Vita this June.

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