After eight years, Uncharted 3 lead game designer Richard Lemarchand is leaving Naughty Dog to pursue a career as a teacher as well as working on several ‘experimental’ game projects.

Lemarchand will be joining the ranks at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California in the Interactive Media Division.

Having been involved indirectly with the program, he has praised its “forward-looking” and “practical” approach toward teaching game design. He stated that “I also love to think and to talk about our approaches to games, about the way games work when they interface with our minds, and what aspects of ourselves they utilize to work.”

He went on to say that he’s wanted to work on some experimental titles for around 10 years, stepping away from the AAA market. “I’ve always really loved working on the kinds of blockbuster AAA games that I’ve had the opportunity to work on, and I think I’ve been exceptionally lucky.” With the Uncharted series reaching trilogy status, the lead designer felt that now was a “natural transition point” to make this move.

Armed with his laptop, Lemarchand is heading out on a three-month backpacking trip all over the world to explore some his more “experimental and avant-garde” ideas. “Some are to do with procedural narrative; some are to do with space and exploration. I’ve always been very interested in the power of environmental narrative.”

We here at StickTwiddlers wish Richard the best of luck in his new venture and can’t wait to see what he comes up with during his travels!

Source: Gamasutra

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